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VanessaFX Advanced Systems — a rather small book that describes the Forex trading system. This strategy works only with Forex market and is quite simple. The whole strategy is based on the EMA crosses (exponential moving averages). There are no explanations of the Forex basics or something else, except the exact strategy and the tips regarding its use in this book. I don’t know would pay for this strategy (yes, it’s a proprietary strategy and a paid e-book), because it’s very unsophisticated and doesn’t look very promising. Anyway, if you are up for testing some new trading strategy this Forex book will be definitely of interest to you. Although the strategy is based on the technical Forex analysis, the author recommends applying some fundamental analysis basic principles to improve your trading results.

Download VanessaFX Advanced Systems by Vanessa FX.

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  1. Jerry M.:

    Just a plain Forex trading strategy e-book. It even lacks all the necessary components of a good strategy…