New Trading Systems and Methods by Perry J. Kaufman

New Trading Systems and Methods by Perry J. Kaufman is a titanic trading study, which consists description of the every possible trading system and method. All those methods can be applied both to the stocks, commodities or the Forex market. It starts of with the regression analysis systems through cycle analysis, through point-and-figure charting to multi-timeframe and advanced systems. Not only several dozens of the trading techniques are thoroughly described in this book, there are also many useful tips and general information material that can help in the daily routine of the Forex trading. This book can be recommended to the professional trader and to the beginning traders as a desktop book as well. Despite this book being 10 years old already, it has a good portion of information regarding the new popular systems — like neural networks and those based on the fuzzy logic.

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5 Reviews

  1. Steven K.:

    Kaufman’s book is a true classic. It is one book that has to be a part of your collection, it is nothing but a MUST HAVE. The book covers a variety of strategies and their mechanisms along with reviews. Much of the content covered in this book is not covered elsewhere. Once you find your personality, this book can help a lot in aspects like business, time and even tolerance towards risk. As mentioned earlier it should be on your most wanted lists.

  2. NoviceTrader:

    The inclusion of strategies for trade, trade station codes and even workspaces in excel give this book a value like none other. If you are looking for one stop shop, this book is it because you will find various courses of actions that were talked about by various authors in one single book. The book can especially be used in a couple of ways.
    The first way is to read the entire book and then decide what may suit you best. Once this is done all you have to do is find the author you have chosen and read his books.
    The second way is to the solution where you can choose to use this very book as a handbook. In case you cross a term that you don’t understand, you this book to understand it.
    In fact you will even find the compact disc included very handy. Trade station users will be able to use it as a point of reference as I do, more often than not.

  3. vit:

    Ever since I got this book, I’ve done myself a favor and thrown out all the books that do not gives me any information. I’ve saved a few which give information those topics that are not covered in this book but have thrown out the rest. Now the systems, regulations an even the strategizing is all covered in one book. The book is worth every little penny.
    The author is kind enough to help the reader understand how to develop and even analyze trading systems along with tech analysis. I think it covered all the important aspects and now the inspection of systems will take place on the basis of the mathematics that has been put out.
    Who ever has reviewed the book has very rightly noticed that there is nothing new in this book which is true. Now on this basis the title is inappropriate. If one is able to overlook this small flaw, there is a lot to be gained from this book. Just so that I am just, I have give it a four star rating because the book needs to be titled appropriately.
    In case that you are one that is beginning out in this business, the best advice would be for you to read this book. Once done with these books you will be able to go ahead and look up different books on the same topic which will give you the impression that you have already seen before.

  4. Orwell:

    This book is a pandect of various approaches and ways to deal with trade. However, do keep in mind that this is not a book that will give you step by step instructions and hence cannot be called a How-to book. The methods depicted in this book vary from the most classic method like checking on averages to the most exquisite method like the alignment of planets. I would advise you to read this book but mostly keep it as a reference guide. Now there may be a lot of information which might just feel weighed down by but reading the book will shower the fruits of knowing very less explained subjects like “Unexpected Price Shocks”. People such as me, who are hopeless at programming but are still interested in being trade station users, nevertheless, it is important for new users to know that it may not be as easy as it seems to employ certain codes due to the complexity.

  5. nutz:

    I purchased this book after reading various reviews and purchasing hoards of books which were supposed to be highly spoken of. The advantage of this book is that it has A-z information about various trading systems. I find that the author did a good job at writing the book exclusively d that too in an impartial manner. The book does not give you a How-to on the method of trading but it does give you a comprehensive list of all the various strategies. It also gives you a list of all the benefits and drawbacks and things that need to be considered. If you are the kind of user who builds systems of trade which are not only automatic but also based on rules, this book is a must read.