Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

Trading in the Zone is a trading book dedicated to the psychological training of a trader. According its author, Mark Douglas, trader’s mindset should be significantly different than a common real-life mindset. The greatest profits are made in financial trading only by those who switch their minds to a completely different way of thinking that would allow them to overcome some of the biggest problems — the psychological problems of trading. Those problem include: the unwillingness to create any rules for trading, failure to take responsibility for the own steps, addiction to the random rewards from the market, giving oneself to the extern control of the trading rather than the internal control of self. Trading in the Zone is the in-depth look at the challenges that every trader faces daily and that the majority of traders fail to overcome and lose their money and waste their time.

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  1. amcm:


  2. Calcetinus:

    “Trading in The Zone” by Mark Douglas has been one of my all time favorite books on investment practices. The main factor which contributed to my consistency in profit making was the methods introduced by this book. Before I picked up this book, I was on the wrong side of money making. Like every other trader I also have some habits I would like to get rid of. These are those habits you cannot help change.
    One thing that happened to me much too often was that I did not exit on time due to my greed and ended up losing out on a trade which should have been profitable. This book taught me how to change this habit.
    I have been involved in the trading of stocks, forex and future options. These markets can change so fast that it can make you sick. You should steer clear of these markets if you are weak at heart. I still have the burn marks.
    I was helped while developing my trading method by this book. It helped me become more regular with my profit making. Your methods of trading do not matter while you are reading this book. It deals with the trader and not with his techniques. “Trading in the Zone” will instruct you how to turn your fear into confidence. It will help you make better trading decisions.
    I have completely re-modeled my trading philosophy after reading this book and I have benefited a lot from this change. This book is worth it’s weight in gold. After I picked up this book I have more than doubled my profit (that is after covering the losses I made over the years). I loved reading this book and it has helped me substantially enhance my trading techniques.

  3. faker:

    If you are not satisfied with the amount of money you make while trading, you have to get this book and start reading it immediately. I entered the field of trading thinking I could easily beat the market and make loads of money. After I lost a huge amount of money I still didn’t have any clue regarding where I went wrong. That is when I got my hands on “Trading in the Zone” and I found out the importance of not letting your emotions get out of your control. That is exactly where I went wrong. I learnt a lot from this book and ever since I have started the process of recovering money back. Obviously I intend to make more money when I’m done. This book is worth more than just a read before you get involved in trading seriously. This book teaches you how you can make money while trading and is a must buy. It will be the best decision you ever make.

  4. Jerry:

    This is not one of those books which will teach you the fundamentals of any one particular trading technique. It tells you about the psychology factor while trading which in my opinion, is the most important. I have read about half of the book and I am already beginning to feel more positive regarding my trading techniques. The anxiety and fear I used to feel before getting into my trading suit seems to have reduced, if not completely disappeared. The results of my trading have also improved and I am making substantial profits now.
    If you are interested in making your trading experience better and more rewarding you should read this book.

  5. D. M.:

    Douglas has written some excellent points in his book and I feel nearly all that he says is relevant. It’s a different matter that all that he said could have fit in less than one-tenth of the space he actually took. 200 pages were a bit too much.
    If you are an experienced trader, making enough profit and feel that things are going well for you then you should not read this book. Or any other book for that matter. It takes a lot of patience to get where you are. Any small problems which you may face right now will ease out with time.
    On the contrary, if you find yourself in a hostile position where you have suffered repeated losses and feel that you have not yet realized your full potential, then you should give this book a shot. You never know what might work for you.

  6. martin:

    The main aim of this book is to teach the trader the importance of maintaining discipline while trading. This will also be of help to you if you have plans of entering the trading field soon. It is of utmost importance that you take control of what you do and own up your decisions. It is important to realize that if your mind is not under your control then your success as a trader will be short lived.
    It is important that you carefully interpret what you read and try to apply it in a practical way as otherwise the lesson will go over your head.
    This book has been poorly edited. Hence I give this book four stars out of five.
    Another problem is that the author keeps explaining concepts even after they have been sufficiently explained. It is very frustrating when a concept which has already been well explained is reintroduced and the whole process is repeated. Douglas’ book is worth the effort if you really intend to put in some extra effort. The important points are adequately repeated and this enhances the probability that the reader may actually involve some of the methods mentioned rather than just forget them after reading.