Trading Chaos by Bill Williams

Trading Chaos is one of the greatest trading books from one of the greatest writers and the leading theoretician of the dynamic trading — Bill Williams. If the only tools that you use to trade are the «linear» ones — like moving average, RSI, MACD etc. — then you will definitely revise your trading style after reading this book. Going from nature and its laws to market and its connection with natural laws, Bill Williams will lead you through 5 levels of trader’s proficiency and expertise. This book is worth reading even for tough and experienced traders who think that they know everything. New trader that starts from this book will encounter significantly less mistakes and problems during his practical course.

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5 Reviews

  1. Herodot:

    Bill and Justine were successfully able to put my life on track. Had I not met them, I would have been lost in the circle of gaining and then again losing all my money in this trading system. When I first read their book, it kind of woke me up from this deep slumber. As I proceeded in to the course which you can study at home, I realized that there were ways to be abe to make money in a constant way. Next I attended a workshop which was conducted by Bill and that gave me a lot f insight to the markets. Finally a workshop conducted by Justine was able to help me implement all this in my business.
    Trading chaos is in no way a system that is capable of magic, nor is it a system which keeps talking about building the system that suits you. Its just a simple book that talks about market places in connection to life.
    If you are looking for a book that will guide you in information about the type of market yu should invest in, this is the wrong book to buy. Do not even buy it if you think this book will make you rich. You should only be interested in this book if you want to have a deep knowledge about the market and eventually how you can make money out of it or even buy it if you have no idea of what you may be getting into.
    In case you are sure that this is what you want, buy the book and also try and catch up with the duo. I had the opportunity to do so about a decade ago and that was a turning point in life for me.

  2. Valerie:

    With this book you will be able to find the various signals which will indicate when the low trends so that you can buy and the high trends so that you can sell. With this approach you can now learn how to sell at most profit and buy at the cheapest. Many of my friends to whom I had recommended this book praise it now. However let me warn you that to get the most out of this book, you need to understand it thoroughly which will need you to focus on its writings. Trading tools are not always s powerful as the three wise men.

  3. b-fan:

    Bill Williams has been quite an influence on me. I had gone though the course that he has for people who want to study at home, took part in a private class held by him and even met him. Bill is one trader who has not feared letting his secrets out in his book Trading Chaos 2nd edition.
    Bill will help you get into this business without much of a hassle. Once you buy the book and if you are a novice, try reading from lesson 7 onwards till the end. By the end you will know all you need to do and you will be left surprised that it was explained so simply. It was the same case with me. This is the exact reason why I chose to do the course at home and then later even went to him for private classes. I then realized that Bill had actually put in all his methods in the book itself! He does have other things like courses and all but these are only for people who have sent a lot of time in the trading business and need more help.
    To give you a living example of what his book can do, let me tell you about myself. I had no idea about trading when I first got into it. In half a year of reading his book and getting myself into the business I had managed an account that was doing 95% well. I was able to find investors like myself and we all started something called as a commodity fund. I had the opprtuity to call Bill and talk to him about this. He spoke very well to me giving me a lot of details and advice. I am not able to show yu the exct figures of the commodity pool but trust e, it I doing very well.
    My advice is that you first buy Trading Chaos 2nd Edition and when you are done with that and ready to buy the next one buy “New Trading Dim mentions” which is the second book by him. Chapters nine to eleven in this book are most helpful for trading.

  4. Trader:

    The first ninety odd pages of the book is filled with information about the psyche of trading which is based primarily on the principles of Zen and Tao. The rest of the book deals with Metastock which is supposed to be accompanied by the system of trading. I have a very in depth knowledge of both Zen and Tao because I am Chinese plus I love trading books. This made me appreciate the first half because it gave me something to think about. The downside of this is that I really doubt that westerners will be able to follow what is said about the two and whether they will be able to apply it or not. There was a critique who pointed out that the author negates the idea that he puts forward called “trade with the trend/flow” in the second half of the book. My advice is that in case you have no entry to the facilities of Metastock or omega tradestation then you should not read this book. It’s no point when you put your money into something and gain little out of it.

  5. chaos wizard:

    Had the title been different, I might have given the book a complete rating but with the title mentioning “chaos”, I feel its unfair to do so. The fact being that the book has absolutely nothing to do with chaos and only talks about trading.
    Now the book written as after this one seems to actually be a sequent of a book by Bill Williams which is called “New Trading Dimensions. This book completes the trading methods explained by Bill.”
    Now the drawback of the book by Bill was that though he did explain the use of the “Alligator” which was undoubtedly helpful, he did not explain any ways for the strategies to exit. This book completes the missing picture. Also this book explains the ways to explore trading in counter trend. The money spent on this book is immediately worth it just for this one concept.