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TraderBO Divergence System — a free Forex book by the Russian trader, writer and marketer Oleg But. It shows the trading systems using the divergence as an indicator. Although this book is mainly about Forex trading, the strategy it describes can be applied on any financial market. The performance of the strategy is tested on the real market conditions and is proved to be profitable. This book presents a lot of information regarding technical analysis in trading, many related tips and techniques, while describing its main strategy, which is based on the divergence. Being a completely free Forex book, it used also to promote another author’s, this time proprietary, Forex strategy — "5 EMAs Forex System". It’s still worth the time you will spend reading it; the whole book is only 44 pages long including contents, copyrights and other such pages.

Download TraderBO Divergence System by Oleg But.

Interesting posts about Forex trading and the most recent currency news can be found on the Forex blog that is used by the author to share his Forex experience.

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