Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom is one of my personal favorite trading books. From this book I’ve learned a lot about position sizing and trading system development. It’s definitely a must read book for almost every financial trader. You’ll learn how to effectively manage your risks and capital according to those risks. From this book you can learn about the expectancy orientated trading and even how to build a trading system that is based on the expectancy. The big part of this book is dedicated to the R-multiples — one of the best indicators of the trader’s money management. Trader’s psychology is also an important topic in some of the book’s chapters. Third part of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom is about strategy building, entering and exiting the market and the position-sizing strategies.

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5 Reviews

  1. Censor:

    Well, what can I say about this book! I m confused about whether I can recommend it or it should call it a scam. There are various topics covered in the book out of which the most important are about how to start a plan for trading, the way to do it and how to deal with issues of the character which a lot of people seem to have. The book is a very generalized book but even talk about general issues and is quite easy to leaf through.
    Though I am able to make about three quarters of profit I still find myself going back and forth between the good and the bad. This is why I bought the book and read it only to confirm that my fears were right. The mistakes I was making were all due to the wrong attitude and not wrong methods.
    Though I liked the book, the end was uninspiring. I think the author tried to get into the psyche of trading but was poor at doing so. The first part of the book tries to talk about the plan to trade and even asks you a few questions but it does simply skip the basic questions like why is it that one is a trader etc. This is where it began to go wrong. However without this book, I would not have found my mistakes. Another aspect that he brought to my notice is using positive traits in a successful business trader in your own methods.
    If the author was not so busy trying to make the most of his popularity to dish out thousands of dollars from the reader, the book would have made a lot more sense. Trading analysis is hopeless in the book because he doesn’t go into details. He just talks about R-multiplies which I don’t say is bad but an in depth knowledge of the log of trading is required.
    The book could have done so much better but it fell short. It may be above average but nothing more than that. The book could have done so much better. Now since it is an average read, I will recommend it to those who can put up with its fluff.

  2. Jim:

    If a person is looking to know and start out in the world of trading, Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom I the best book for the purpose. It talks about the most important rule of the industry which is to know yourself to be able to trade better.
    Until and unless you know what your ambitions are you will not be able to choose a good strategy for yourself. You need to know where you want to go to be able to reach there. If you are trying to develop a plan for trading without knowing about yourself, it is hopeless.
    Van K. Tharp gives you all the right questions to ask yourself in his book Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom. Read this book if you want to succeed.

  3. Denis:

    I purchased the books before I could read any reviews of it. I started reading and in a while realized that nothing was making sense to me. He kept making the text very hard to understand and read. The book attempts to present itself as one that is very thoughtful but only comes across as making up a façade to hide the weak side. He does not know how to deal with matters for example when there’s a simple matter, he’s tried to complicate it and vice versa. Do not waste your money on this book.

  4. Real Trader:

    Based on the overall excellent reviews, I was expecting to learn quite a bit from this book. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Tharp doesn’t say anything new, and talks at length about a lot of things that are really not helpful. And the helpful things are much better said by other authors.

    I was expecting too much out of this book especially because it was able to get good reviews from other critiques but was thoroughly disappointed. This was the same old fox in a new dress and a boring fox at that! He goes on and o about things that don’t matter. Tharp should have got some ideas from other writers.
    He contradicts himself time and again in the book. He also makes sure that he talks about analysis which only support the way he has presented the book, thus being partial.
    The reviews that have been released have to be nothing but back scratching. In case you still want to read it, borrow it from somewhere instead of wasting money on it.

  5. visitor:

    Van K. Tharp has been successful in releasing a book that covers every aspects like psyche, management of risks and money, exits and entries etc., and hence is very useful for anyone no matter his trading level. He presents really nice perspectives on success. He emphasizes on the importance of the trading system being the right one. Reading this book made me notice the reason behind a few traders’ success and few traders’ failure. I was able to cut the trail and began searching for the right kind of trading analysis for me. Now being a full time employed professional, I have to be very careful that if I am running 4 other side businesses, only one should not be making me the money, all five should. If I don’t succeed in the beginning how can I succeed later?