Trade Like Jesse Livermore by Richard Smitten

Trade Like Jesse Livermore by Richard Smitten is a result of over two years of the deep research. It follows the life and the trading career of the famous stock trader Jesse Livermore. This book describes all technical aspects of the Livermore’s system — order conditions, timing, money management and emotional control. Jesse Livermore is famous for living through many stock market crashes and gaining success in every kind of a financial market. His career became a basement to several trading books. Trade Like Jesse Livermore tries to offer something similar to Livermore’s system but, unfortunately, you can’t know for sure if it’s exactly that system. Anyway, you can read the book and find out at least some parts of that successful system.

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2 Reviews

  1. fil1992:

    I’ve read all kinds of books by Richard Smittens to Jesse Livermore and have found much of the information repeated. The only difference is that the same information is presented in a different chronological order. Of the lot, Jesse Livermore was probably the best thanks to the correct order that he follows in his book. My suggestion is that you first read the book called “reminiscences of a stock operator” and then try a Richard Smitens’ book. You will find that the book you’ve read is actually copied to about 60% in Richard Smittens’ book.

  2. Jacob:

    Jesse Livermore does not share any information on the trading system that he used. Do not expect this. The book may be able to give you the framework but there is nothing that will actually teach you how to engage these techniques. The vignettes are totally hopeless and are actually simple lines of trend that probably any small child can draw or even copy from Livermore manages to only point out one good aspect which is that if a stock does not show any difference on a couple of days after investing in it, you need to dump it. Truth be told “Livermore Secret Market Key” was nothing but a sham. It’s almost shocking to know that about quarter of the book is completely cut and pasted from other books. If you really want to learn the tricks that he applied then you should read “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”. Instead of wasting my cash I would have rather read this book couple of times!