The Market Guys’ Five Points for Trading Success by AJ Monte and Rick Swope

The Market Guys’ Five Points for Trading Success is a general financial trading book that professionally teaches reader the major points of trader’s successful behavior. The authors of this book — AJ Monte and Rick Swope are both professional traders, experienced analysts and long-time trading teachers. Their book adheres to their trading philosophy — Keep It Super Simple (KISS). They try to understand something difficult (e.g. Forex trading) in a super simple way. And they also try to make their readers use this philosophy in trading. Their main five points of success are: following the trend, finding support level, waiting for pivot points, protecting position and acting for result.

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5 Reviews

  1. TurtleRules:

    I always wanted to attend a conference by The Market guys and was fortunate enough to do so. These guys own one of the largest houses of indemnity. In case you ever are able to attend a conference conducted by these two men, you should not miss the chance. They are one of the few who not only talk about the success they’ve attained and how but also credit God for his share of blessings on them. There’s nothing like listening to two men who are not only humble and successful but who also credit the creator for their accomplishments. I even own this book and can tell you that its exceptional. My advise to you is that if you can, gt to know them without fail.

  2. Reddo:

    There is absolutely no doubt that the book has some awesome propositions for evaluation of trends and even the making of profit. The aims are very clearly structured and if any instances are given, they are talked about in depth. I must confess however, that I have tried using certain strategies mentioned in this book and have realized that the price of the shares in markets are so unstable that more often than not, small trends which help assess the values of stop loss are engulfed.

  3. WS-End:

    The plus point of the book is that the authors were dealers and instructors. It also gives the book the much required help in subjects such as management of money and risk and also the psyche of trading. The authors have left no stone unturned to make the book as simple as possible but I have to admit as a pro that it is far from that thanks to a market place which is not ready to forgive even a 0.001% chance of mistake. Now if you are reading this book just for general knowledge but not for information on how to make the money, don’t bother about what I am saying but if you are reading it for the money, you will have to read a lot of other books especially on technical analysis.
    Note: I thought I was overreacting while rating this book so I checked out the profiles of the other reviews of this book who had given it a perfect rating. Not surprisingly they were only newbies in the market who got taken up easily.

  4. ks:

    The very famous principle which is known as Keep it Super Simple (KISS) is explained in this book as a primary rule. Once this principle is followed there is no doubt that success will follow you in the world of trading. If you want to see success in your trading then this book is an excellent option especially because it explains the significance of strategizing in trade. This means various sorts of traders can still find help here.

  5. Faina:

    For a beginner there is no better book than this which will explain all the important terms such as evaluation of trade and cash, risk and trade management. You will see that making money really and reading how to make money are two totally different things.