The Little Book of Currency Trading by Kathy Lien

The Little Book of Currency Trading (How to Make Big Profits in the World of Forex) is a yet another introductory book on Forex trading but with a twist — it talks about many important things that get overlooked by other writers in the Forex niche. Kathy Lien is a famous trading author and a Forex analyst; she also wrote a rather popular book Day Trading the Currency Market. Who will like this book? Anyone who is new to Forex trading (even if he’s experienced in other types of financial trading) and bored experienced Forex traders who don’t know what to read. You won’t find any holy grail strategies or some super-effective insights in the book, but it will definitely help you understand all the ins and outs of the Forex market and the current situation in the online currency trading. Of course, it’s won’t complete your trading education and if you actually start trading, you’ll have to go for some other books too.

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  1. tzvi:

    If you are able to get your hands on “The Little Book of Currency Trading” then you will not be considered as a newbie when it comes to currency trading. The last book that I read was titled as “Millionaire Trades” and this informative book really helped me killing the time when I was getting bored in the airport during my last vacation.

    “Currency Trading” has got a more intensive point of view. If you do not know anything about the subject then you must refer to this one. The concept is described with the help of idioms and analogy that makes you grasp the topics much more easily and will also help you in developing various strategies.

    Personally, I like this kind of approach, especially when the industry is somewhat monotonous and lacks the warmth that Ms. Lien has presented in her book. A text book will no doubt help me in remembering definitions, but if I really want to study the industry in detail and become a good trader, then this book is highly preferred.

  2. Cat:

    You will find that this book is not very well written and it seems that it does not contain any useful information. Even though it explains certain terms like “Bollinger bands” and “pips”, still it is not worth buying as you can easily search get this information online. Currency trading is often referred to as sharp pit, it implies that you can exercise a limited control and there is a lot of manipulation, both by the retail brokers as well as banks. If you really want to “beat” this, then you need to have some original insights and ideas. By reading some technical analysis book which has been read by several thousand people does not qualify. You have to note that the book under review, does not promote any technical analysis of any sort. It is as stupid as venturing into any business, which you don’t even know about. In case you are trading against the Goldman Sachs, it will surely work out about as well for you.