The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading by Wayne McDonell

The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading is a complex e-book written by Wayne McDonell to help the Forex traders to go from the “rookie” to “officer” rank in currency trading. This guide is written in a rather humorous military/Forex slang, making it a very easy read, which gives it a big advantage before those boring Forex trading books. FX Bootcamp Guide provides a lot of examples, practical exercises and offers all the information required to trade Forex profitably. It’s just a matter of dedication of the potential trader to read this book and implement the gained knowledge.

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5 Reviews

  1. Lawrence:

    My trading days on Forex began when I bought some anonymous information, hoping to learn the tricks of the trade of the market, and how all of that pertained to me.

    It was a supreme letdown to find out the information I purchased was pure and complete drivel, and that the ‘author’ (who should be called as such on the flimsiest terms) didn’t know a thing about Forex marketing trading, but was merely trying to sell vague ‘secrets’ for money.

    I was fortunate enough to pick up Wayne’s books; that helped put me back on the right track and correct the market mistakes I had been erroneously making. After implementing Wayne’s insights, I found my assets growing instead of sinking and new essentials of the business were coming clear to me.

    FX Bootcamp taught me lessons that I can’t believe I wasn’t implementing before, and does so for thousands of others as well.

    Forex trading can be tough and complicated, but FX Bootcamp is an exhilarating, down to earth, and useful book; which is why I’m now a FX Bootcamper and am now reaping the benefits of being a winning Forex trader!


  2. dt:

    This book may be all inclusive, but I don’t believe I’ll be following its trading advice, though it is simple to read with its various intriguing sub-headers.

    The second half of this book is much better than the first, though there were a trio of fine trading options dealing with stock market correlation, carry trade, and commodity correlation – the three things I gleaned from reading it.

    Though the books ideas about calculations for pivot point are decent, I have serious doubt about their utility.

    How the author gets their charts and what time period they’re based on is not explained, With 78% and 121% running in the fibonacci ratios, with a recommended MACD 34/55/8, as well as MA 5/8.

  3. Just do it!:

    With being a trader first and foremost, and secondly a writer, I focused moreso on the substance of the book instead of it’s style, as it gave the first steps on how you can develop into a trader yourself. There are also so many books in the market today on fundamental and technical markers, but this book explained them well, indeed.

    I’m glad someone took the time to write about their success methods in the market. The tenacity to pursue this path is admirable indeed, especially from those who weren’t raised and taught trading in their younger days; as I am one of those people as well, who had to learn from scratch with the grit and valor of someone who is very intrigued by Forex trading!

    The best part of reading the book is gleaning the secret of the writer’s method of trading and all the other little things they do to maximize their profit; after all, the little things definitely do count, and they undoubtedly worked for the author.

    This book explains the writer’s methods of training and why they are proven successful; and what he uses to augment his methods!

    This book is almost a miracle in how well it works; I got into the FX Bootcamp and saw individuals actually live trading using their proven methods!

    This book forced me to take a good look at the good, the bad and myself. It let me understand what my weak points and insecurities were; therefore I could actively work to strengthen them and become the dynamic assertive person that I discovered was inside me all along.

    Sometimes when I’m down, I realize that there are many others who felt just like me, but through their inner strength and will, they climbed the ladder to the top; they actually did it from beginning to end…and if they can do it, so can you and I!

  4. No:

    Some investing books are worth having, and others you could do without; I’m not new to trading, though I am starting my first foray into Forex and a bit of day trading. Many of the overlooked miscalculations in this book could definitely steer newcomers down the wrong path – it hardly covers pivot points and retracements!

    The biggest gripe I have with this book is with the charts. It’s hard to demonstrate your data when the charts are grainy, far too dark, missing labels, and generally illegible. It is humorous though when the author refers for you to check two different color lines in a chart and compare them, even though both lines are the same color; black. The flow of the entire book is inconsistent, it constantly skips around with little cohesion; and besides that, there are many typographical and syntax errors. In one section the author confuses the bottom and top line of stochastic oscillators – a mistake that could be baffling to a newcomer.

  5. Narciss:

    I may not have the most expertise on Forex, but I discovered that I enjoyed this simple to understand book. There may be other publications that offer the same information as this one, but for now I am perfectly satisfied with the information and it’s simple delivery that is easily understandable.