The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies by Jeffrey O. Katz and Donna L. McCormick

The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies is a comprehensive guide to the various financial trading systems and strategies, including their implementation using the modern charting, trading and artificial intelligence software. Not only the scientific approach is taken when the system development is researched in this book, but also many trading examples are given for an easy understanding of the concepts presented in this book. And, while this Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies can’t be considered a full compendium of all the trading strategies that currently exist, the most general types of such strategies are described and explained here.

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5 Reviews

  1. Breja:

    The book was full of various kinds of brainstorms and even had a very commonsensical stab at testing the system of trading. The statistics presented were quite difficult for me to understand but I won’t blame the author for this, it’s the statistics that’s not understandable. I also found that many ideas were reiterated in the book at various points. A good idea would have been to reference the page number where the idea had already bee given.
    Though I am not the intellectual type, two aspects continue to puzzle me. The first being that all the scenarios are short term, there’s no planning for a long term strategy and the second being the title of the book because the book is by no means an encyclopedia.

  2. ahmed samid:

    The writer of this book that I had read had recommended that we buy the C- trader professional. I did as told. This was put in the market though a company called Scientific consultant services which is said to be owned by the writers themselves. A free upgrade for a time frame of 6 months is promised on the website. Once the purchase was made I got both the original and the upgrade but lo and behold, the upgrade does not seem to be suitable with anything at all. Our several correspondences for over a month with them have gone ignored. Since there was no handbook or reference book, our buy is completely redundant. Disappointment is the least I feel and I had to share this incident with other buyers so that they are aware of what might happen.

  3. Venture Capitalist:

    If you are new to the field of automated trading systems, you should start here with this book. It does not give you any false promises or even talk rubbish. This book will give you the perfect start because not only will hp you learn the fact about system development but it will also give you the scientific standpoint on this subject. In about a fortnight you will have gained a sooth entry into this domain with clear understanding of how much effort is required.
    The only aspect to help you make money in the market is scientific realities.

  4. Zorro:

    If you are looking to expand your knowledge about the various rules of trading as well as you want to know the best way to set u a trustworthy trading system, “The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies” is the best start.
    Now you will have a collected database of all the information and tools that you need to gather to set up a proper system. Start with information which will only be helpful if it is pure and organic. Get your hands on software that permits you to counterfeit trading. This will also be helpful for you in the processes of construing productivity also assessing the trustworthiness and strength.
    Next you will find information about the various tools that that will come up with the best resolutions for any kind of problems. This will also be followed by the reviews of various products that can help you with this purpose.
    The importance of statistics for the purpose of systems analysis is given in depth next. Statistics helps know whether the profits or losses that we maybe assimilating are true or not.
    Once done with the discussion of all the required tool, the book the proceeds into the main arena which is about the study of entries and exits. You then slowly begin to understand that this is nothing but the trading system but this study.
    The title of the book is kind of misleading as one my think that they will find every little information about trading strategies however that is not the truth. The book only provides information which can help you with the basics for the analyzing and the designing of your personal system of trading. Instead the book should have been titled as A Primer On Developing Trading Systems.

  5. R. King:

    The book tests exit strategies more than the models of trading in C or C++. In case you are not interested in optimizing, this book is still a good read because it is so well planned and written. The problems of day traders are something that people should not be worried about. Another aspect that the book talks about is gunning. The meaning of this term is hidden in the name itself.