The Currency Trader’s Handbook by Rob Booker

The Currency Trader’s Handbook (Strategies for Forex Success) is a 2006 book on Forex trading written by a very popular author, mentor and Forex guru, Rob Booker. It can be recommended either for the beginners of the currency trading or for those who already know the basics and have fundamental and technical skills but wish to develop a good and effective trading strategy. But the biggest advantage of Rob Booker and this book in particular is that it’s very easy and interesting to read and even those who know nothing about Forex (or even financial trading) will find it fun, amusing and captivating. The book is also very short and can be read in an hour or two without any serious efforts. So, that’s just 1–2 hours of your life for some seriously experienced trading recommendations that can be used for life.

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4 Reviews

  1. C. Dillon:

    On the book’s front cover, emblazoned strongly on it is ‘Strategies for Forex success’.

    The booklets mantra is to “Be disciplined”, meaning you must avoid jealous, fearfulness, and other negative emotions. These strategies must be ardently implemented.

    If you’re the type of person who banks heavily on your emotions while trading, then this is the quintessential book for you, though it markets the writer’s web pages. There are many like it, but not many can match the glamour and success of this booklet, even though they espouse you to “Be disciplined” as well.

    The booklets tenth strategy goes like this; “Get out after your profit of ten pips.” which is an absolute jewel of knowledge, a blending of solid moving strategies and a singular technical maneuver.

  2. El:

    In my opinion, of the many different markets I’ve traded in, the Forex offers the best solutions to my problems. Big on conserving capital, and with a strategy that truly works, I believe you should check Rob’s book out. If you want to recklessly throw down money on Forex, this isn’t for you. This is about gaining knowledge and taking time tested strategies and implying them to grow your portfolio. The directness of chapter ten was profound and I found it highly insightful, definitely worth reading and rereading because the money I paid for the book has been far out-stripped by the money I’ve made from using Rob’s book.

  3. Ver2000:

    At first I was going to hand him at the least a two star rating, but after trying to get in touch with him and checking his web page…I considered a one star ranking.

    But, generous as I am, I decided to stick with the two star rating, though his site and blog paints a fairly good picture of what you’re going to find in his book.

    The book seems to be too stuck in the author’s past, and his attitude towards anything…while this is very good, there is little in the way of trading strategies, which is exactly the opposite of what you would expect to find in this book, and not some pseudo self help book.

    To be honest, he only offers up a single currency trading strategy, and that’s hardly enough to call it a trading book. I found myself disillusioned after contacting him, I thought he was a guru of some sort…but somehow he just didn’t have the same ‘zing’ as in his book.

    Personally, I’m convinced this is only an advertisement, a big self-hype affair, hardly concerned with currencies trading strategies.

  4. Marcus Tandy:

    I got sent this book to read and comment on it. I find this book is just a re-hash of what’s free all over the net. It’s nothing more than a money spinner from someone who clearly does not fund his lifestyle from trading – it’s from selling books, and selling the idea of trading for a living to people who are inexperienced to see through his egotistical drivel. No stars from me, (someone with 10 years experience who does make a living from trading, not selling the idea).