The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading by Jared Martinez

The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading (The Rules for Turning Trading Patterns into Profit) is a complete Forex trading guide written by a prominent expert in currency market Jared Martinez. Although the book is more suited for the beginner traders, some of the information in it might come to use even for the skilled Forex market operators. The main focus of the book is on the technical indicators and various chart objects (e.g. Fibonacci retracements, support/resistance levels, trendlines, etc.) Fundamental analysis is also covered, though the attention paid to this part can’t be compared with the technical analysis part. In the end, both the money management guidance and suggestions for the further steps are given to the reader. All in all, it’s quite a good book with its own minor disadvantages and average advantages. If it won’t make the next George Soros, it will definitely set you up on a right track, preparing your for a deeper and more complex Forex reading.

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6 Reviews

  1. Mike:

    This book has got nothing to do about the forex trading in general. Though it has got some technical analysis, but you can find the same content in almost any other book. This book is somewhat misleading, just by showing some good examples using trades and Oscillator and moving averages, it gives an impression that you will know everything on the subject if you follow this book. The book has got some 5 star reviews but that does not make this book a must buy. None of the reviews provide a valid reason on why to buy this book. So it can be said that this book has no good merits, except that the author is an expert on the subject. If you want to learn anything about the technical analysis of stock or forex, you can check books by other writer like Murphy, J.Magee and Schwager etc.
    In case you want to learn something on psychology of trading then you should go for books by Mark Douglas or some other author. The 200 page information in this book can be obtained for free from any basic trading book. So why spend your money unnecessarily.
    Before buying always check the book first. “Must Read” recommendations are not necessarily must read. There is nothing useful in this book.

  2. S. Pellek:

    I have already read John Carter’s and Jared Martinez’s on trading. I am a newbie in this field. The one written by John Carter is not on specifically forex. However, have to say that the three page of John’s trading book have much more information than Jared’s entire book. Jared’s book also lacks one very important thing, that is, it lacks the “10 Essentials” of trading and you will not find about their mention anywhere in the book. It gives a feeling that Jared is using this book just to sell his MTI software.
    The only good thing about his book is that throughout the chapters he keeps on reminding that how our emotions, personality type etc, affects our success. It may sound too obvious, however it helps you to understand and acknowledge it better.

  3. C-C Man:

    This book is useless and you will find sheer nonsense in this book. If you are thinking of buying this one, then you should immediately drop the idea. In case you want to purchase it, just have a look inside the book first. The third chapter in this book explains self empowerment through trading software. The author clearly mentions that there is no software in the market which will help you to make profit through trading, and then he backtracks on his statement and explains that MTI trading packager software should be bought in spite of the fact that it is not cheap, as cheap software offers you no results. Also, he explains that software developers sell the software to big banks for millions of dollars, then why would they sell it to you. This is no doubt a terrible book. In case you buy this book, then you are not doing anything except paying for the advertisement of the software.
    This 220 page book is not a book but a money making scam along with its software. If you read the back of the book you will see that it consists of some horrible reviews. There is one such review by some Larry Pesavento; we don’t know who he is and there is another by Stephen R. Covey, who has written about the good character of the author and not a word about the content of the book. If you check the background of the author written in the book you will yourself see that there is nothing spectacular about him.
    It is like a fraud getting richer just fooling people by giving false information on how to make money in trading. You should avoid falling in his prey.
    This one is surely going to go back from where it came from. He is just selling his software and lacks proper knowledge on the subject. Soon, he will be going to give it for free.

  4. Doug:

    I am into trading since quite some time now. I moved from mutual funds to options and equity, then to futures and now finally into forex trading.
    Foreign exchange market is not much different from stock market though. It can move down, up as well as sideways like stock market. This book by Jared Martinez will surely make you learn how to make profits from various movements of the forex market.
    Mr Martinez clearly explains you about the 10 essentials of forex trading. The fundamentals of the trading are well explained. You will easily be able to learn Fibonacci, Japanese candle sticks and various other technicalities of trading. Also, you have to see that T/A for forex differs.
    Jared Martinez is really good in explaining the importance of risk management and equity and it teaches you how to save money.
    Anyone who is interested in Forex trading must read this book. However, this is not enough. You will require further trading and the author covers in his informative book some good mentions of his school and company.
    The worthy point to note hers is that Jared’s company was the first company to teach Forex education and it has been around longer than majority of the trading companies themselves. If you really want to learn the trading concepts, then why to learn it from copycats, when you already have got original with you.
    Lastly, this book is must read for anyone who is willing to learn forex market. Even if you have good knowledge on the subject, you will learn surely learn something new.

  5. sinnrer:

    This book is very informative and interesting and contains a lot of valid examples. Some of the noticeable features of this book are:-
    • It consists of detailed information.
    • Lots of relevant examples of forex trader
    • It is not only inspiring but also warns you of various pitfalls in trading.
    • You should definitely add this book to your Forex library.

  6. Robert Chen:

    Though I’m newbies for FOREX, But I never comment any books = suck, each books will have some essential points can be applied which you need to filter & learn the good points only
    For those that commented bad about the book, please only do so if your achievement can surpass him,
    at least show me the book written by you are well accepted by all readers, do you have one already ???? why you CAN’T even write a book yet commented on others ?????

    So, very obvious, it really depend on which angle you are looking at & expectation !!!!
    We can always give remarks like this book is so-so, too general but back with ”but” there are few important points on page of what & what …..or maybe good for beginner and not for veteran …