Technical Analysis of the Currency Market by Boris Schlossberg

Technical Analysis of the Currency Market is a book written by famous Forex market analyst Boris Schlossberg (he have been working for such industry giants as FXCM and GFT). The book is very easy to read, well structured and explains the most popular and basic techniques that can be used by almost any beginning trader. It won’t teach you how to become rich, it also can’t help yo if you are already an experienced Forex trader; but if you are relatively new to Forex and are longing to the technical trading, this e-book will allow you to master all the aspects of currency trading: charts, patterns, trends, ranges, Fibonacci, money management. The final chapter is a real cherry on top as it puts everything together and explains how to actually apply all the knowledge that is shared in the previous chapters.

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5 Reviews

  1. Matt:

    While the preceding chapters explain how you can learn more about trading Forex, only in the tenth chapter is some actual unique content presented. The final chapters have decent strategy – knowing your self fully and your limits, analysis, business approaches, and setups. Being based on Bollinger bands, the setups and analyses didn’t interest me in the least – though if you’re fresh to the market, you may find some use out of the book.

  2. booker:

    I haven’t really studied any of the books that contain the tools for real Forex success, though I’ve been trading in the market for nearly four years now. Schlossberg’s book has a broad view of the trading markets and the estimating methods that work for them; and better yet, the author finds himself being objective and nonbiased about the methods he is talking about, what their benefits and downsides are as well. He doesn’t brand his unique method as better than others, but treats it like all the rest, letting the reader choose on their own.

    A few of the book’s problems were that the charts and illustrations provided didn’t match at all with what Schlossberg was describing – this book also used all-encompassing charts which wouldn’t let a reader study the methods point by point, which sometimes was disconcerting

    On the whole, I would have to say I am pleased by this manuscript and would recommend it to others looking to understand forecasting tools in the Forex. The book itself is simple to understand, cohesive, and unbiased. It can provide you with the extra knowledge you need to succeed in the market.

  3. Iage:

    It’s a shame that most of the time, authors who work in the technical analysis field fail to test the methods that they espouse. Who knows, maybe they did and don’t want anybody to know the real results they received.

    This is another of those books, and I am disgusted at this trend. Will a technical analysis book ever be written that offers concrete evidence of the profitability of their strategy? The concerns of pip earnings, the drawbacks, etc… none of this is the concern of these types of books. Omega Trade Station could backtest these systems in a matter of moments if the writers were so willing!

    The writers want us to use their trade systems, because buying those books makes them money… even if the systems are viable for long or short term profit or loss.

    This book isn’t absolute bunk, that’s not what I’m trying to get across – all I want is the verification to go along with this book’s Forex methods, that they work, and that I’m not losing money;

  4. No way:

    I’m in total agreement with the former assessment, the writer of the book hasn’t even tested any of his systems; this reeks of rank un-professionalism, a novice penning a book about trading. I’ve read many books, and if it were possible, I’d give this book a negative review, as it is utter trash.

  5. pumpkin:

    Once Cornelius Luca wrote a book, which is now out of publication, and copies go for close to $2000. The manuscript I was searching for was quite similar to Luca’s , and contained technical analysis for the currency market that would be a good read for anyone needing this kind of knowledge.

    Mostly, technical analysis works similarly for each market it is used in. But when you’re reading books pertaining to the stock market, and you’re a Forex trader, it becomes old quickly to read texts with many attributes that just aren’t pertinent to your trading niche

    Interestingly, in Forex, candlestick formations will not occur – as a Forex market runs all day and therefore does not experience price fluctuations; maybe a holiday being an exception. Also, TA stock engages information that just isn’t Forex relative.

    Mr. Schlossberg’s book has provided much needed information to hungry traders everywhere, though – and the knowledge he provides on unique trading methods, to the currency market, is invaluable.