Technical Analysis for Dummies by Barbara Rockefeller

Technical Analysis for Dummies (The Simple Way to Read Markets and Manage Investments Like a Pro) is yet another “… for Dummies” book on trading. It’s written by Barbara Rockefeller, who’s a terrific analyst and writer — she often writes for the Currency Trader Magazine and her articles never leave me indifferent. In this book not only does she introduces all the important technical analysis patterns but she also does an important job — Barbara tries to teach the reader of what technical analysis is in itself, how it can be used, why it should be used and what should be done for the technical analysis to work for the specific trader. Yes, of course, there are better books on technical analysis, but this one won’t promise you much — it will just help you to get into the world of technical analysis, which will be one of your best tools in trading.

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6 Reviews

  1. PACO:

    This is a well written book but I would like to add that it was hardly any different compared to all the other books available for dummies. This will be useful to only if you are new to the market and still have lot to learn. Nonetheless, this will be a great reference for advanced traders.

  2. Pretty:

    This book claims to deal with technical analysis which is just why I decided to buy it. Before buying this I flipped through a few pages and felt that it will be an interesting book but I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth after reading the book and it does not discuss enough examples. Day trading philosophy and its history has not even been mentioned but nonetheless, it is not a bad book if you are new to trading but understand that this is just a primer and you will need to read more books to enrich your techniques.

  3. Less:

    The various TA tools and techniques are very well explained by the author and it explains the various risks one should consider before using this stuff. The precautions regarding back-testing and optimization are very helpful but they are not the last word. Whenever I go in for technical analysis I refer to the teachings of the book but there is not much more apart from being a useful reference.
    An Alexander Elder or Marcel Link book will be much more useful for this reason though. The explanations these experienced authors provide are much more informative and interesting than what is given in this book. Anybody new to TA will find the charts given in the book very useless.

  4. RestlessOne:

    I got everything that I was looking for before reading this book. I have studied and been employed in the field of Finance for some time I never did the trading beyond basic analysis at that time. Although I was aware of what technical analysis but I always shied away from getting into the details as the charts, graphs and technical terms scared me. As I went on in the trading market I realized that to become a successful trader it was imperative to master the technical analysis and what followed was that I purchased various books on trading for beginners, and this was one of them. Most of the other books are repetitions of what the previous books had to say but I found this one to be the most useful and whenever I need to refer to a book my hand automatically goes to this book.
    I have gained immense knowledge from this book. I got this book because I wanted my foundation to be strong before I went deeper into the world of trading. I needed something that holds you by the hand and takes you through the basics. Being no exception, this book taught me, the dummy, most of what I needed to know in a simple way. I now feel more equipped when I approach technical analysis and the technical terms and mathematics involved does not baffle me.
    I understand Technical Analysis much better and as I go on I have the option of selecting my favored TA tools which this book taught me. I have come to believe that ultimately the trader employs only three to five technical analysis techniques of the dozens he may have learnt. I believe I am moving down the path of discovering my favored tools as I read about more such tools. Despite the fact that I will need to buy books on different tools this is just how it was always supposed o be.
    This book will be a great addition to your library if you want to get an overview of the various methods of TA and get many helpful tips and tricks to help you trade. Also, it will be an inequitable reference on your book shelf as it is a storehouse of useful information which will come to your rescue numerous times over the years.

  5. maspo:

    After I have read six chapters of this book I have come to believe that it is imperative that I stall all my further trades till I get a hang of what I am actually doing. Prior to this, I had no idea regarding what I am doing. As I have identified that, I intend to finish this book, along with another book which I noticed was mentioned in the appendix, before I move on.
    Being unaware of Technical Analysis for most of the time, I can say that I can feel a whole new chapter in trading is being unveiled to me. It is a good quality book as it seems to touch various topics which give you a possibility of further investigation of the same.
    If you intend to stay in the stock market and want to trade, rather than invest, than I would recommend that you certainly get your hands on this book and use it to flag off your prosperous journey.

  6. Forexjunkie:

    I read this book and thought it clear, concise, and hugely informative. Mind you, I was just about a complete neewbie. I would definitely recommend it as a beginners’ text.