Surfing the Market Waves by Jan Arps

Surfing the Market Waves is a documentation e-book written by Jan Arps to explain the usage techniques of the certain market indicators that were released in his Swing Trader’s Toolkit in 1998. But because the indicators of this toolkit (Elliot waves, ZigZag, various pivot points and Fibonacci retracements) are available to any Forex trader today (for example from MetaTrader 4 platform), the documentation from this book would be useful to any trader. The main idea of the book is to show the right techniques to use the right indicators in order to trade on the market swings — e.g. to buy near the low of the trend and sell near the high of trend. One of the best features of the swing trading techniques offered in this book is the low risk/reward ratio, which is keeping your capital safe and allows you to gain the profits.

Download Surfing the Market Waves With Jan Arps in doc format.

Interesting posts about Forex trading and the most recent currency news can be found on the Forex blog that is used by the author to share his Forex experience.

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