Surefire Trading Plans by Mark McRae

Surefire Trading Plans — it’s a popular Forex book that teaches the basics of the professional Forex trading. It won’t show you the basics of the trading; you won’t find a glossary or the some common EMA strategy in this book. It’s intended to for those who have already tried trading and know something about Forex. Surefire Trading Plans is about knowledge of how to build your own Forex trading plan, the most important parts of Forex trading and the real-life examples of the successful trading plans. The whole dedication to the plans in trading is not random. According to Mark McRae (and I agree with him on this issue) the success of the Forex trader is in a great extent dependent on the money management. And there can’t be any good money management with a plan, at least in the financial trading. This Forex book will help both with money management and with the real strategies that can be used with your own plan for trading.

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