Sure-Fire Forex Trading by Mark McRae

Sure-Fire Forex Trading is a popular Forex ebook created by Mark McRae and aggressively marketed in the on-line Forex trading community. Although, it’s quite old now (more than 2 years old), it can be a good read for the new Forex traders and strategy collectors that wanted to look at this «Sure-Fire» system. The book is quite simple — has a lot of basic explanations and in the first half looks a lot like the School of Pipsology manual. The second half is dedicated to the system itself — I can’t say that it’s very unique strategy that can make everyone a profitable Forex trader, but it’s, nevertheless, interesting. Don’t know if it was worth its money to anyone, but this book is definitely worth reading — from the beginning if you are new to Forex and the second half — if you are the experienced trader and want find out more about the strategy promoted by this book.

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