Sniper Trading Workbook by George Angell

Sniper Trading Workbook offers a technical approach to the analysis of the overbought and oversold market situation with the possible relation the past cycles of the same instruments. This book is mostly about the stocks and some chapters of it can’t be related to the Forex market at all, but the main approach that’s described by George Angell is applicable in almost any financial market. The method itself is in some way a continuation of the Taylor’s technical analysis. Fundamental analysis isn’t touched in this book, but the technical side is approached in every possible aspect, from the charts to the trading days to the exit strategies.

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  1. Callum Donnel:

    I have been a professor for over 30 years now. Reading books on subjects like finances, marketplaces, investments and even trading systems has been a hobby. From my experience I can that George Angell has written some of the best books in this field. He covers every aspect that is necessary for this market. He also adds aspects like the attitude one should have to win and the trading psyche. If short term trading is your cup of tea then you should go for his books.