Selective Forex Trading by Don Snellgrove

Selective Forex Trading promises to teach the trading technique that allows long winning streaks in Forex without losing a position. This technique was developed by the author of this book and is called S90/Crossover, which name refers to the author’s last name and 90% winning probability. Not that I am huge believer in the trading systems with the high accuracy expectations, but this Forex book has something interesting to offer. It provides a whole trading strategy based on the candlestick chart, River Oscillator Indicator (ROI), Fibonacci retracement levels and the basic line drawing. The author states that this system should be used alone without mixing with some other trading methods or previous strategies of the trader that wants to succeed with this new «selective trading». It’s quite an easy trading system and if you are newbie at Forex I really recommend it as your first one to start with.

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16 Reviews

  1. Vic:

    I completed the program this work talks about. I’ve also seen the bad reviews on Don Snellgrove that have cropped up on many websites. I can say with certainty that these reviewers have not taken the course, and I won’t waste time insulting the morality of these detractors, so as to not stoop to that level. The ROI a MACD or the river channel is not a MA cross, as some would say. When the right River X Confirmations and ROI align, trades that were talked about in the book (2 S90 and ST, level 1…as one instance) grow in strength. If you’ve completed this course, then of course you are aware of the authority of confirmation to any trade the CFG methodology gives. I’ve seen the accounts that my mentor uses for trading, which is part of the course and shows the initiative of his teaching. If gaining 200 pips a day isn’t good, I don’t know what is.

    I learned the S90 applications before I took this course…and I had totally interpreted them wrong – though during the course, I quickly learned what I had been doing wrong… S90 applications were far stronger than I had realized. The final two levels of the course are fabulous. If I would have known the power and profitability of this course beforehand, I related to my mentor, I would have paid twice the amount! Don’t worry about the bad reviews from some people, the course is totally worth it; none of the detractors have any credibility and Don really knows what he’s teaching.

    People’s rumors and lies they spread can ruin something before people have even taken hold of this opportunity.

  2. gharl:

    Don Snellgrove has great discussions about candlesticks in this work, and a bit of Forex information as well. Though, this manuscript is mostly a lead-in for getting you to buy other methods, tools, and knowledge. “How to Achieve over 100 Trades in a Row Without a Loss” is the subtitle of his book. Stating many times in the work that to get the best results of this process is having a mentor and using software that you have to buy – I’m sure it’s obvious who is the mentor and where the software is coming from, and exactly whom your money is going to. Looking around the Internet, I found more than a few bad reviews of Snellgrove’s works and courses from previous buyers – he’s overcharged them to the tune of thousands upon thousands and never delivered on any of his grand promises. My opinion is not to buy this book or do any sort of business with Mr. Snellgrove, if you don’t want to waste money, that is.

  3. Refer:

    This book just might not be the one for you after I read the reviews that people have left about it…I don’t think they’re all wrong, either – but I make my living as an independent trader and found the book extremely insightful and helpful.

    The Forex market can be a formidable market to trade in; and the folks who gave this book a bad reception ought to stay with their day job. If you’re new to Forex trading, this won’t be the book for you; the name of the book is, after all, “Selective Forex Trading”. It doesn’t guarantee you anything; if that were so, then everyone in Forex would be wealthy and no one would ever lose any money.

    This is one of the tools out there that can allow an average person to successfully trade on the Forex, along with other methods. Since the Forex is tough and you’re smart enough to know that; you’ll need help, and these tools are exactly what you’re going to need, because trading Forex can be profitable or you can lose everything.

    If you’re looking for a bit of help in the Forex market, then this is the book for you; though it shouldn’t take the place of traditional forex education.

  4. babe:

    Normally I can find the good within a book, something worthwhile even…but this book was definitely the exception; crammed with terminology left unexplained and with hardly any definition of the methods that are described, which is why the book suggests that you hire a mentor from the author’s company to help you on your way.

    I didn’t expect anything from this book, and I wasn’t surprised a bit.

  5. Chowe:

    Please research a book that costs more than forty-five dollars, because after buying this, I’m a half hour into reading it and already feel like I was scammed. This book was by Don Snellgrove…. apart of the CFG (Concorde Forex Group), and also the Forex Producers Group LLC. After reading about CFGSmartCharts, I decided to look it up on the Internet. Snellgrove also talks about ROI, stochastics, and G meter…he also says that CFGSmartCharts can give you inner channel walls everyday and automatic extreme levels.

    A lot of different forums talk about being scammed by Mr. Snellgrove, in excess of five thousand dollars; his methods just do not work as advertised. I continued reading his book, especially about S90 Crossover, and out of four of the businesses and resources he listed to consult…three of them belonged to Snellgrove’s businesses.

  6. Trader:

    This man is a fraud. He even passes himself as a christian. Christians usually leave their religion out of business.

    The entire book can be read here for free:

  7. admin:

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Don Snellgrove:

    I am the author of Selective Forex Trading. The book provides proof with live trading histories in the back of the book from two of our traders. I can always tell when someone hasn’t really read the book and I never recognize negative people who write these comments. Thousands of traders have submitted trading histories to our office. We have sent thousands of dollars to charity programs as well as St. Judes Children’s Hospital for Cancer Research. Anyone who has taken our course or even purchased the book are invited to attend free webcast and watch/hear as the concepts of string trading are explained and demonstrated. By the way, someone complained that I am a Christian, for those people, my webcast and follow up training are free and I do include God in my businesses as well as in my life.

  9. Don Snellgrove:

    Traders who read SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING and trying to learn how to string trade, may attend a morning live webcast and watch the applications. Contact for a link to attend Monday through Thursday, 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. EST.

  10. Don Snellgrove:

    Traders are invited to see the proof of string trading and how entries are selected. Contact for a link to a FREE forex webcast hosted by the author, Don Snellgrove

  11. Don Snellgrove:

    Trader Don: I am a graduate of FSU. I have written a book entitled SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING. If purchased, you may attend a free forex webcast that is held Monday through Thursday 6 to 7 a.m. EST to see the concepts in a live trading environment. This would be a big THANK YOU for buying the book.

    The evidence of the results of these concepts is found in the back of the book with two live trading histories that are published for the world to see. The FOREX is one of the largest financial industries in the world that can be worked from your home or office. People who succeed become wealthy and people who can’t follow instructions tend to blame their failure on everyone else. Its a very revealing industry.

    Currently, the industry is trading 4 to 6 trillion daily worldwide. You can become self-employed and learn something part time that could change your life with the purchase of a book with non traditional concepts. Contact and ask for a free webcast link to be sent direct to you. Then get up early and attend and watch trades and discussions from live traders. Its free for people who purchase the book. Thank you, Trader Don

  12. Don Snellgrove:

    I am the author of SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING: The proof of our success is found in two live trading histories found in the back of the book. For more information on how to make this work, you are invited to attend a free Forex webcast and view trades posted along with explanations that has created the atmosphere in the markets to string trade with enough success that when there is a loss, you have more than covered it with the profitable gains. Not everyone can trade the Forex but those who follow a system have increased odds of success. Good trading Don

  13. Don Snellgrove:

    Send an email to and ask for a Forex webcast link to view some of the techniques suggested in the book entitled, SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING

  14. Don Snellgrove:

    Amazing how people are changing their mind about the book, SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING after attending my free webcast. If you wish to attend, then send a request to

  15. Don Snellgrove:

    Free viewing of posted trades for 2017. See the proof if you can read it in the back of the book. See it live on our daily webcast in 2017. 2016 was very successful so lets see what we can do in 2017 Begins Jan 3rd at 6 a.m. EST. Send for a free link request to

  16. Don Snellgrove:

    Thank you to traders who have read my comments on this website and sent me an email asking to join my morning Forex International webcast to actually see the proof. Some competitors and even some traders who learned about our entries and then changed the rules or added their own ideas, who then failed, have come back home for help. I never turn my back on a trader, even an enemy, if they need help.