School of Pipsology

School of Pipsology is a PDF version of the free on-line web course by It’s intended for the various groups of traders from the complete newbies to the traders with some good experience. Of course, it’s quite useless to the expert and professional traders as it covers mostly the basic things, but its College chapter brings some interesting and less popular topics to the reader’s attention, so even well-practiced Forex traders will find something worth there. The whole learning process here is broken up into Pre-School, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College chapters resulting in 248 pages of study. The language of the book is very easy (sometimes too easy), so one can learn from it with a really low amount of the basic knowledge.

The book is available for a free download from

Knowing the interest rates associated with various Forex traded currencies is important not only to the long-term currency traders, but also to short-term traders, as even the short-term trends are often determined by the interest rates difference. You can find the most current interest rates of the 20 world central banks in the interest rate table.

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  1. esther mafuta:

    School of pipsology has helped to understand many concepts which seemed so hard to grasp.Really makes learning fun.

  2. elias:

    i love what i read in this and i want to become a member in this school

  3. akinjide kuteyi:

    i give kudos for the team behind this wonderful school where potential wealthy people are being prepared.i want to be part of your progress. make me a member of the scool

  4. Chessur:

    The web site doenst work anymore WTF why? Help…

  5. admin:

    What site doesn’t work?

  6. Mohammed Ally:

    Please I would like to join for the purpose for training and be a trader