Profiting With Forex by John Jagerson

John Jagerson’s Profiting With Forex (The Most Effective Tools and Techniques for Trading Currencies) is an introductory Forex book that soundly stresses the explanations of the trading system development process. John Jagerson is a commodity trading advisor with a huge experience in Forex education. Many traders that have some basic knowledge will probably be bored with he first half of this book, as there’s little new in the general description of the FX market and the related concepts. But the second half will be of help not only to the new traders, as it goes rather deeply into details of the procedures necessary to build a successful plan for a consistently profitable trading. But the greatest point about getting this book is that you’ll be able to access the restricted part of the author’s educational website for some really helpful Forex videos and podcasts.

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3 Reviews

  1. Zant:

    I found this to one of the best that I ever read. The authors end up explaining in interesting detail the entire machinery of international trade: starting from the trade itself, the interest rates, and finally the Forex (or the Foreign Currency Exchange) markets.
    Starting from a background that had not even the faintest of finance written on it – I have tried my best to achieve at least some of financial literacy (don’t ask e why). I found that this book explains a lot of the things I needed to know in clear and simple terms. There had been several puzzling points for me regarding the whole machinery of money around the world – which this book cleared up in a jiffy. However, I should warn you that it’s not just about giving you a miracle formula that will let you make money in Forex in a month. Yet, if you want to become a better trader and improve on your trading statistics, this is the book you need.
    It looks like this book has something for almost any kind of investor. This is not surprising with the increasing globalization – almost everything in the economic sphere is inter-linked.

  2. NorthCountryMan:

    For the vast majority of you who just happened to hear about “this thing called the Forex” and would love to learn more of it, there is no dearth of information available on the internet – on websites as well as in books. I am pretty confident that most of it is worth going into while there are a lot of false scams doing the rounds as well. Even though I found several useful websites on the topic (), I was left with the feeling that I didn’t get enough. Moreover, I am more of what you’d call a ‘book person’ at the end of the day. I prefer sitting at my table with book in front and coffee to the side instead of staring wide-eyed at the same information displayed on the ugly computer screen.
    Thus, I came up against the question: Which is the book which would give me what I want to know about Forex? Well, the main problem for me here is that most of these forex trading tips-and-tricks-and-methods books tend to be quite expensive. So one has to be careful in one’s selection lest one ends up spending quite some cash on a book which one has absolutely no use for. However, enough said about what I feel and what I think – I am writing this review for other newbies like myself. In fact, that is why I started with this short prelude to tell you that I too (like you) am trying to strengthen (or rather create) my foundation in forex trading and I feel that this book is just right for me. I almost let this one slip by simply because it had a copyright date of 2006 whereas I was browsing through it in 2009. However, once I got it – I found that most of the concepts and the illustrations were relevant and well worked out.
    Of course, the book starts off with a good reading of the history of the currency exchange and Forex and the like. However, the best part is its treatment of the primary factors that influence the Forex market viz. Fundamental Analysis (FA). The sections on Technical Analysis (TA) are comparatively less elaborate but they do end up giving you a decent flavor of the technical methods that you need to know. I was okay with that as TA and all its formulas do tend to bog you down once in a while. As things stood with me anyway, I ad a handle over TA prior to this from other sources as well. I don’t mean to let you feel that this book goes real easy on the TA but only that it gives much more importance to the FA sections. In fact, according to the authors, both TA and FA have to be used in harmony to get the best results – which I fell is advice that is as wise as it comes.
    Then there was the fabulous chapter that dealt with Support, Resistance, and Fibonacci Analysis. I found it quite interesting to read. In the end, they elaborate of five well-rounded trading strategies that have been tried and tested before as well. Probably it’s not the latest of news for the advanced trader, but for a newbie like who’s just about to take the plunge – it’s just the thing I am looking for. The chapters on Risk & reward and money management were also very informative.
    On account of all of what I have listed above I would gladly give this book a 5 out of 5. In fact, I wish I could give it a 6 out of 5 because of the enormous amount of supplementary material that you find on the author’s website that is available there – for free! (This guy is certainly not in this simply to wheedle cash out of your wallet.) This material includes stuff like analyses of currency pairs, a ‘score card’ that tells you about the weather situation for each currency pair, video tutorials and the like. The fact that the author has put this up free-of-charge shows his goodwill (he is surely making money from the ads but well I can’t blame him for that) and makes you feel that you are being taught by someone who is – to say the least: genuine.
    Thus, 6 out of 5 it is, then.

  3. jlkjkl:

    Barring from the fact that this was clearly my first book on forex, I wish to say that it gives a great overview of what is now popularly termed as the “brand new way” of investing your money. This book goes through the entire gamut of the fundamental anaysis’ landscape with a little bit of the technical analysis’ stuff sprinkled around here and there. I had always been focused on the technicals, thus this book rounded off my perspective with the broad learning that I got fro it regarding the fundamental parts.
    One amazing feature about this book is that the author has linked up the things he talks about in the book to other stuff that he puts up on his website. The site offers analyses of currency pairs and other technical information along with podcasts and video tutorials on various topics. In fact, I feel that the site might even render the book useless at times. As is the case with most of the books on Forex, it has the standard collection of wisdom nuggets spread all over, along with the accompanying theorizing, stategizing and chartistry. So, if you have already made your way through the beginner’s level introductory books and the like, this book might have little new to offer. However, if you have not – then this book is quite the right choice for you first book on Forex.