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Profiting in Forex is actually a set of presentational slides by Steve Nison that explain how to use the candlesticks to catch the next move on the Forex market. It’s done in a very descriptive manner — all slides are very easy to read and understand, while each of them consists of a complete thought or advice about trading. The e-book covers all sorts of topics connected with candlestick trading. It’s a real practical manual without any theoretical lectures. You will find out the best-working patterns specifically for Forex market and you will also find out what patterns rarely work in Forex. I consider this e-book a real treasure for all those Forex traders that like me don’t like to use multiple indicators and prefer bare charts. The end chapter of the book is a bonus — «Steve Nison’s Forex Trading Lab», where the series of chart pattern examples are given in a question and answer type of study.

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  1. Ves:

    It’s just a bunch of slides, but free is free. If you want to learn more about candlesticks you’d probably need to buy (or find somewhere else) other books by Steve Nison. He’s literally a god of Japanese candlesticks. But don’t forget that trading with candlesticks limits you to only one representation of the Forex market. Better get some fundamentals in consonanse with your patterns.

  2. chuks isaacs:

    i find this book very helpful and interesting..