Profitable Candlestick Trading by Stephen W. Bigalow

Profitable Candlestick Trading is another trading book about Japanese candlestick trading. Like the others presented here it extensively explains the candlestick patterns and their usage in technical analysis. Stephen Bigalow is thoroughly convinced that the candlestick charting significantly surpasses the all other methods of technical analysis. Japanese candlesticks are the effective tool to extract the profits from all kinds of markets. The only thing that should be done to use this method successfully is to gain the understanding how the candlestick signals work. The educated trader should know not only how certain signal formed by candlestick pattern looks like, but also the inner logic of the reasons that formed this signal. The main idea of the book is that the signals are created by the change in the investor sentiment, thus understanding the signals gives you an advantage before the investors en mass.

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5 Reviews

  1. Alien13:

    Steven W Bigalow’s Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits comes across as a cheap attempt to make quick money by falsely claiming to point out opportunities in the market and make more profit.
    The book just gives just a faint summary without any proof or anything worth testing. There is nothing innovative in the book, he just gives charts and points out a lot of stuff but does not give anything that can be practically implemented. This is hardly useful and cannot be used for reference purposes. This book is only for somebody who doesn’t want to waste a lot of money and doesn’t want a lot of knowledge about practical points.

  2. angel:

    This book is equally useful to the novice trader as well as the experienced one. It can be used for referral purposes for a large variety of situations and is the type of book you would open to read about some abstract point and not from end to end. It gives the lessons in a very simple manner and out of all the books available on this topic, this would be among the best few.

  3. Gyn:

    I have only recently taken the plunge into the world of Commodities/Future trading and I aspire to learn as much as I can about the various implements and techniques. Subsequent to reading innumerable books I have come to expect an approach which clearly explains what the cover of the book says it will and instances sighting the situations in which the method will be successful as well as fail. This book certainly met my expectations. I did find a major flaw in Steven Bigalow’s book. The author primarily provides details on the analysis he undertook on Stock Trading. Moving on, the author clearly states that the Candlestick technique was designed for future/commodities trading and dedicates an entire 3 page section in proving so. He continually gives instances which are dealt with better by considering commodities and not stocks. I completely agree. Why then, has the author put all emphasis is Stock Trading? I think it is because he wanted attract a broader class of buyers for his book.
    Either way, his text is clear and explanations are easy to understand and I would suggest this book to every person wanting to understand Candlesticks better.

  4. Pipster:

    Nearly all the books ever written on opinions and future of trading stocks can be found in my ownership. I find this book to outclass all the others. It is the closest there could be to the ideal book for any trader. The writings are easy to interpret and simple to apply. I was so impressed that I just couldn’t stop reading. Like most old-timers, I stuck to the classic price bars along with technical and fundamental analysis as I could never clearly understand Candlesticks. The author, Steven Bigalow, gives his reader to easily employ the use of Candlesticks and stochastics in a very quick manner. It may take some time for my doubts regarding Candlesticks to disappear so I use it along with MACD and ADX indicators. If I had to choose just two books a trader must have to make it big, I would suggest this book along with the Technical Analysis manual written by Murphy. Nison had come out with a similar book but Bigalow outshines him plainly because he gives lessons on the application of the method in real life.
    As I have already made clear, to be a success story in the trading market, you have to read this book.

  5. Rob:

    This book helps you increase your success rate and reduce the risk factor by employing the services of the Candlestick patterns. The book does not guarantee equal success in every trading deal but helps create a higher net profit. I have managed to lessen my losses and increase my gains.
    As the author has another book coming out, I have reserved my 5 stars for the combination of the two books and I have awarded this book only four stars as of now.
    The author succeeds in teaching the reader how to interpret candlestick patterns and profit on trading them. As is not done most books, this book also explains the principle concepts of money management, trade size among others. A sure choice for an ambitious trader.