Pring on Price Patterns by Martin Pring

Pring on Price Patterns is a book written by Martin Pring, which he calls a definitive guide to price pattern analysis and interpretation. The book starts off by offering some basic explanations — for example, why the patterns work at all. The author also introduces some supporting concepts that will help in pattern trading. Then Martin proceeds to the traditional patterns — such as the rectangles, triangles and head-and-shoulders, giving a lot of explanations. After that, the information about the short-term patterns composed just of 1–3 bars is given (inside bars, outside bars, reversal patterns, etc.). Finally, Pring offers some conclusive consideration regarding how to use those patterns best. This book can barely be called a super encyclopedia about patterns but it’s definitely a good guide to get yourself into chart pattern trading and become successful in this area.

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2 Reviews

  1. Aquarius:

    The information that is presented in this book is highly relevant and useful. The content is not only well written but also well organized. There are many texts available on the subject including Weinstein, Elder, Link and Tharp and some other must read book., This books serves to enhance and complete the skills and knowledge that you may already possess.
    Pring does not provide you with some out of the box answer and honestly you should no expect any. The author simple discusses the various topics that any aspiring trader or investor or speculator is familiar with. However, if you feel that you already know everything about the trend lines, supports, volume patters etc. then this book is definitely not for you. In case you are looking for a book that presents the text is a well simplified manner, then this book is the one which you are looking for.

  2. qqqe:

    Justice cannot be done with this book with just a simple review. If you want to know about some really effective tips on trading for a profit in the market, then you must read this book. A lot of online content on price action trading is influenced from this book. Read this book and you will see how useful it is.