Point and Figure Charting by Thomas J. Dorsey

“Point and Figure Charting: The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices” is a real holy grail for the point-and-figure Forex trader. The great advantage of this book is that the author dedicates a good part of it to explain the basics of point-and-figure charting thoroughly, so that a person without a slightest understanding of this charting technique would become fluent in point-and-figure methods of analysis, being able to plot such charts by hand and understand their fundamental background. From the technical analysis point of view the point-and-figure charts represent a completely new field for an effective forecast building. This methodology, which is detailedly described in the given book, allows building the leading indicators instead of the usual lagging technical indicators (like moving averages or MACD). I recommend this book to all categories of traders — newbies and professionals, technical analysts and fundamental analysts, scalpers and swing traders.

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  1. klikkel:

    Today’s economic situation is unstable at best, and it’s hard to steer your way through it with all the pitfalls.

    If you are willing to put in the time and effort to study, learn, and utilize the strategies laid out in Tom Dorsey’s manuscript, then you will come out for the better. Dorsey was in the securities industry, and his wide berth of knowledge and experience from that certainly carries over in the subjects of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and exactly what supply and demand implies for all of this.

    This book comes with a high reference from me for people willing to study and learn; and while charting point and figure style can be tough, utilizing Dorsey’s methods will certainly help supervise your portfolio.

  2. PETE:

    A master of Point and Figure charts, Thomas Dorsey is a well known authority on them. These charts can look especially confusing to someone who isn’t well versed in them, maybe just a jumble of O’s and X’s – Point and Figure charts were created by the famous Charles Dow, and the fundamental values of his creation stands to this day. Wildly enough, Dow’s charts come before such things as computers were prevalent and without any specialized software!

    It’s possible to learn other ways, from other providers over the Internet, StockCharts being on of the most notable, but Dorsey’s manuscript an easy to grasp knowledge of the conjectures behind these types of studies. Point and Figure charts have extraordinary strengths in the fact that it can screen out unwanted data while focusing on the revenue alone! This is a far cry from when traders had handheld files of Price charts telling them how to buy their options.

    The New York Stock Exchange, utilizing the Bullish Percent Indicator, offers gauges of hazard in the exchange; which presents a view of which options are going into sell or buy signals. Investment wise, it gauges the amount of capital you should put into a certain stock portfolio.

    If you like using Point and Figure charts frequently, then I highly suggest you add this book to your library.

  3. TradeChartsNow:

    I’ve researched Tom for some time now, especially the work he has done on the Dorsey website, and found myself quite impressed. His current manuscript merges the fine ideas he espouses in his podcasts with the writings he also provides on the site.

    While some folks would like to assume that technical analysis is the pinnacle to becoming wealthy, but the primary objective is all about cutting loose the clients that you know are going to drain your assets and drastically lower your returns – it’s all about risk management. Because of Large Cap Growth, how many erstwhile successful investors have lost a lot of capital in the past decade, and are just now beginning to recoup their losses?

    A Point and Figure chart does a phenomenal job at pointing out trend changes to you – and Tom’s well-written book documents these procedures nicely.

  4. avoiding_errors_1972:

    Let’s say you need knowledge on how to create capital and guard your investments over time; the Dorsey-Wright system may be perfect for you. I’ve been researching this particular method for the better half of twenty years and in that time, the differing services they present their clients have grown substantially in that time.

    This is hands down the greatest book you can purchase to clarify Relative Strength investment strategies and Point and Figure Charting.

  5. evans dube: