Microtrading the 1 Minute Chart

Microtrading the 1 Minute Chart — a really short (only 7 pages long) Forex strategy guide by the unknown author that will be useful to the technical analysis traders. It can be easily used to base your own ultra short-term Forex trading strategy. It’s presented as a strategy that should be used on 1 minute EUR/USD chart. It uses four standard technical indicators: Bollinger bands, exponential moving average, MACD histogram and relative strength index (RSI). The huge benefit of this Forex trading system is that it can be automated and turned into a mechanical expert advisor (e.g. for MetaTrader 4 platform). All strategy explanations are supported with the chart examples for the readers’ convenience. The only disadvantage of this book is that it doesn’t show any statistical reports of this system’s real trading usage.

Interesting posts about Forex trading and the most recent currency news can be found on the Forex blog that is used by the author to share his Forex experience.

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