Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter

Mastering the Trade — a 2005 book by John F. Carter, the experienced trader, trading teacher, innovator and maybe even scientist. Mastering the Trade, like many others, covers almost all topics related to trading and tries to teach a reader everything that according to the author’s opinion is required to be a successful trader. But this trading book covers also such rare topics as hardware and software for trading, pivot points, trading on the market opening gaps, scalping and other such interesting aspects of trading. Actually this book will not only help you "master the trade„, but, if you are professional trader, it will open your eyes on many new things that you probably haven’t seen or thought about before. Two of the best chapters of this book are about compiling the intraday trading plan and the trader’s “business plan" — a definite must-read for every Forex trader.

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5 Reviews

  1. Anubis:

    I would have given this book a 5 star rate had it been a little up to date. It’s about 4 years old and that’s the exact reason I gave it a star less. The information provided in the book is very time specific and not something that can be applied at anytime and hence the book is kind of outdated. Now who says that being specific is bad? It really nice but the downside of it is that it gets overthrown real quickly. A lot of the information is still valuable and makes sense for this day though. The 2:50pm trade technique is however redundant because too many people tried utilizing it at the same time which caused it to lose it efficiency. The best part is that since he earns his butter through trading, the writer has given his strategies which can be used in the book. The illustrations are very simple and the examples are easy worded even for a novice. It is complete because not only does he give the strategy to enter but also the exit strategy is given. Recommend book, highly recommend in fact.

  2. Solomon:

    When a writer has the ability to be articulate, he automatically thinks that his trade secrets are the best as well. What follows is even sarcasm for those who choose not to follow the strategies mentioned in the book.
    I have enough experience to tell you that there is nothing worthwhile in this book. Practicality seems to b a distant thought with the easy views given. In addition to this, the writer has also not given any guidance on how to set up.
    The book can be read easily but there’s nothing in it. Try other proven books which have a lot more information on the same topic.

  3. Coolman:

    Now I have to admit that this book has been of some help. It doesn’t only talk about the numerous strategies and developments but also talks about amazing management techniques for finance and risk! Whether a beginner or a pro, everyone can gain something from this book. Examples are easily placed and very well detailed. Plus point is that he has even recommended some websites which can be used or can be kept as references. This is a book which I would say is a MUST- READ.

  4. j. lock:

    Even though the writer has been able t put forward various aspects with respect to development of trade in a very captivating manner and though every little aspect is discussed in detail from being able to trade in the gaps to market’s trends to plays at the end of day, I was not very convinced by the idea of marketing himself that he used. It is a fact that because of all the detail there is a lot of information on each trade strategy. Not many books have the in depth discussion on these topics which is a plus point.

  5. Punisher:

    Though one may find millions of books on trading, this one is my favorite for not one but many reasons. The book is not only very easy to digest but teaches the reader a lot by the end of it. Personally I have always used the 8/21 EMA crosses and they are simply superb. I am glad I took his advice. The book makes sure I stay on track and so, anytime I see myself deviating, I read it again. I not only highly recommend this book but also the free news letter that is published every evening before the trading day.