Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques is a first book of Steve Nison (a second book is also available) — a man who did a lot to the popularization of the candlestick trading in the financial markets. This book introduces readers to the candlestick patterns, candlestick technical analysis and various issues regarding the Japanese candlesticks that are at least quite interesting to read. The first part of this book presents the methods of reading and interpreting more than 50 different candlestick chart bars and patterns. The second part describes how to combine the tradition Western technical analysis with the power of the candlestick patterns analysis. All candlestick patterns and techniques are supported with the graphical examples. The examples of the market behavior with a pattern analysis for the given period will also help the readers to understand how the candlestick analysis works.

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5 Reviews

  1. Larry:

    Steve Nison has never failed to amuse me not only through his books but even though the events that he attends. Even though the book is kind of expensive, it turns out that it is a lot more captivating than a conference itself. It is worth every penny that you pay because this book has almost everything in it and probably is one of the books that has the most information.
    I have only one complaint though and that about the illustrations used. They somehow seem to mismatch with the rules he seems to be explaining. The solution is simple. Don’t bother with the examples but do rd the information provided I the book as it is very precise and clear. The book recovers its costs with the tricks it teaches you in no time.

  2. Cooper:

    In the late 1980’s Steve Nison took it upon himself to bring the interesting trading system called the Japanese candlestick to the western side of the globe. Exceptionally simple with brilliant illustrations that you will see in color, however, you must read this book only if you want to make this method your analysis.

  3. Loki:

    If you can gain access to this book from ay library, it is best advised not to invest in it. Candle charting is completely explained in this book and the wy it is done, makes it very esy for one to remember it.

  4. Rodrigo:

    After reading the candlestick patterns and understanding it, I can only say that I have seen an upward trend in my trading. The analysis brought to my notice details that I had failed to see earlier in various charts. This makes me feel knowledgeable and secure. This method also taught me to bring into use charts with had longer timeframe. This helps you from not getting distracted.
    Investing money in this book is quite worthwhile when one sees that they may be actually able to implement some of the analysis in their trade. So read this book.

  5. ParttimeTrader:

    The book has too much of information, so much so that I’d actually like to call it a text book. The advantage is that if you want to use the candlesticks analysis, this book should be your bible. I have one objection about the book though, the book is bound very poorly which is causing for pages to just fall out. I have to think about replacing it. This book does not make you rich over night but it does teach you how to recognize various setups so that you have an advantage over others. I think it will take e a year to be able to completely get fluent with it and use it.