How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange by Courtney Smith

How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange (a Guaranteed Income for Life) is a complete guide to Forex trading written by Courtney Smith. The whole book is dedicated to creating a real Forex trader out of a Forex loser. 90% traders lose money, only 10% don’t lose in the foreign exchange market. And only 5% of traders earn profit. The aim of the book is to show how profit can be made continuously and in a guaranteed manner. The book lays out some basic information about Forex trading, goes into trend analysis, shows several very effective trading strategies, talks about risk management and psychological problems of trading and finally tries to help you put this all together to become a really successful trader.

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3 Reviews

  1. zin:

    I’d recommend searching other places for more concrete ideas.
    The beginning of the book was rather fascinating, but it began to contradict its own rules of trading around page twenty-five, a disconcerting event. On page twenty-three, a piece that should have definitely been exited at October’s end in a higher low swing somehow turned a profit, though it’s first trade was indeed exited. Even the author accredits it is a higher low later on, but such a blatant mistake

  2. X-Trader:

    Now this is a pretty intriguing read, it has great concrete processes for Forex trading! If you’ve got strong capital and can handle losing pips for nearly half the time, you’ll be glad when you realize that the methods are successful and gain you your money back quickly! Though, sadly, it talks mostly about long term trading and doesn’t address day to day issues. Of course, this is okay if you have the assets to proceed, though many do not. On the bright side, this book was penned by a trader with real insight and savvy, and is worth reading.

  3. Slash:

    This book definitely has some sly insight into Forex trading that definitely help long term traders; as it did for me…even though it delves only into the backtesting of the Conquistador system, it is a definite money maker, no doubt can be harbored on that. The other lauded trading systems are covered elsewhere.

    I highly recommend that you acquire this book; it will beef up your trading knowledge, it’s like a main course in a world of appetizers.