High Probability Trading by Marcel Link

High Probability Trading (Take the Steps to Become a Successful Trader) is a tutorial-style book by Marcel Link. It’s one of those trading books that go through several topics trying to make a successful trader out of a complete newbie, which the read often is. The book lays out all at once — basic concepts, technical analysis, news trading, self-control and discipline, trading set-ups. It’s difficult to say whether it will be worth reading for you. If you prefer to be winning a lot (but for small gains) instead of losing frequently but book huge profits, then this book can be quite helpful. Marcel Link does a great job putting it all together, but if you want a deeper understanding of the topics laid out in this book, it’s recommended to opt for some more specialized books on trading/psychology.

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5 Reviews

  1. D. H.:

    I simply adore this book. Out of the twelve to fifteen books I read this on trading, this one can be easily called the best. The author gets into even the minute details. All the aspects of trading are covered. Out of the other books that I read, the authors only wrote about some aspects on trading and just mentioned the others, or did not even do that. It’s a well-written, thick book which has covered many things about trading and in a very professional manner. While reading this book you can tell that the author has an edge over the other authors as he seems to have personally experienced it all. His knowledge about the field of trading clearly shows that it is his forte and he wrote the book only to share his knowledge. You must get your hands on this book.

  2. Finn:

    This book may or may not be for you depending on your trading abilities.
    If you have been in the market for a long time, have a well-defined set of rules you follow and you trade with discipline then things or going well for you and you certainly do not need this book, or any other book.
    If you are new to this world, are ambitious, dream big but right about now, do not have the means to afford a trading coach or attend a seminar then you just have to get this book and let it save you a lot of trade related heartache!
    The author of this book is a trader who has learnt from all the mistakes he has made and still he did not let that discourage him moving forward.
    If you are sure you have the capability to do better, this is one of the best books for you. You can take corrective action and actually learn from the mistakes you make.

  3. sly:

    My focus till about a year back was only on investing in the Fidelity funds. After that I switched to a brokerage account and ETFs and occasional experimentation in between.
    There is a lot of risk involved while using a brokerage account along with real-time software and I have been on the receiving end on some mistakes which have resulted in massive losses. I have been reading many books on investments but this book, High Probability Trading, has really brought my weaknesses regarding trading to the front. I can now effectively learn from all the trades I have done and know how to improve my mistakes. Sometimes I regret not buying this book earlier as that could have helped me avoid a lot of losses. This book is not exactly a trader’s bible but I can say with confidence that I am making much more money now.
    The book has been written in a very light and sometimes humorous manner as if the author is having a one-to-one conversation with the reader.
    It does lack something too. The author makes an attempt to mention stock trading and investing too which slightly deviates from his original intention to tackle short term futures trading. In an attempt to reach a larger set of readers the author has in a way sacrificed on the objective, even though most of the tips that he relays can be applicable to a variety of classes and time periods. It will make you re-evaluate your preferred style of trading. This book will be useful to you only if you are actually willing to tackle the shortcomings you think you have and if you feel that cannot happen, let this book pass you by.
    Although I’m only around halfway through the book, I have already found it extremely helpful and decided to review it. I really want to give it a five star review but I will give it just four right now and reserve the last star till the time I finish reading the other half.

  4. Papa D:

    The author writes about a variety of trading systems but even then this cannot be classified as a trading systems book. It just highlights some helpful points which will help traders make and keep some more money. The points that he mentions are not very new and enlightening but an attempt to adapt these methods to your trading practice will either make or break you as a trader. They will already a part of your system if you are a successful trader. It is a well written book and uses extremely basic language.

  5. Mike:

    he book will give you a good basic idea related to trading. Most of the basics involved are covered and the text mentions what tools you can use and how you can go about it. According to me the book scores above other books due to its discussions regarding management of money and the importance it gives to self control. However, you do not need this book if you are already an experienced trader.