Forex Revolution by Peter Rosenstreich

Forex Revolution is an introduction and a guide into the world of Forex trading, which stands up from the several points of view — the basic, the fundamental, the technical and the professional. The book by Peter Rosenstreich approaches the Forex trading as a daily activity with the advantages and problems that are specific to any type of job, offering his own methods to employ its benefits and neutralize its disadvantages. The history of the currency trading is presented as something very important and is described thoroughly, while the some insights for its future are also given and they certainly deserve your attention. Forex Revolution will be an interesting book to read not only to the Forex beginners (on whom this book is actually aimed) but also to the professional traders that seek to gain more fundamental knowledge about the market.

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4 Reviews

  1. Plesk:

    That the writer of the book is a Forex trader, I’m not quite convinced of. Check out Investopedia and you’ll be able to see more knowledge than which is written in his book. I felt as if I could have written this book, and at that time I was trading with a practice platform. Of course I’ll admit the book was easy to read, I can give it that. The book is commercially popular and sells very well, so I can certainly congratulate the author on that respect – he is obviously not as stupid as he would initially seem to be, with such a successful text.

    If you want to trade on the Forex market, try not to be time on this. If someone else is managing your money and you desire a general idea of what’s happening with your money within Forex, then this is the perfect book for you.

    Sincerely Yours

  2. Johnathan:

    This is the worst book I’ve read about Forex, and I’ve read a lot of them. There isn’t a concurrent theme throughout the book, there’s no “how-to’s”, it’s merely a collection of random ideas thrown together and a bit of trivia pertaining to foreign currency markets. It’s not worth a scrap of paper, not even what it’s been written on, if you ask me; don’t waste time or money on this trash.

  3. m.n.r.:

    This book gives the reader an in depth view of the Forex market, but it isn’t the end of your education in Forex. Forex is a nation in and of it self and can naturally be a great gamble for private investors. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, then this book is it. The author creates vivid examples and doesn’t delude himself into thinking that the reader knows everything about macroeconomics.

  4. Dick:

    Known author Peter Rosenstreich’s no nonsense manual is a novice’s introduction to the market of foreign currency trading. If you’re without strategy or technology, the guide warns you against that, because it will inevitably lead to failure. The only bad thing is that the book actively encourages you to believe that you’re going to make a profit in the foreign exchange market, which may not be true. The writer warns against such things as the risks in playing the market (and the plentiful scams out there) but it is ludicrous to suggest that an entry level trader with only moderate technology is going to make a fortune in the Forex market. The author fails to mention the competition a newcomer is going to face in the market – competition that has access to much better technology than a novice would, and the expertise that such people have. It is true that you will gain a basic knowledge, but not anything too useful about the Forex market, though you will learn a couple of key names of methods and agencies. The book thankfully does refer the reader to check out other books that will help them to trade money in their own markets as well. This is a good book to read, but make sure to keep an eye on your bank account; you can lose quickly.