Forex on Five Hours a Week by Raghee Horner

Forex on Five Hours a Week or How to Make Money Trading on Your Own Time is a nice book which main priority is to explain how to become an efficient trader that values his time. There is a rather old stereotype that such endeavor as Forex trading is very time-consuming and that you can’t be successful at it without dedicating a lot of time to learning, studying, analyzing and monitoring the market. In fact, one can become a rather profitable trader spending only a fraction of his time on Forex trading. This can be accomplished by learning only the necessary information and determining your own (fitting your lifestyle and personality) style of trading. After reading this book, you’ll be able to develop your trading plan that will be organized enough to provide with all the necessary instruments to earn profit on the Forex market, but still be able to control the time you spend on it. This book can be recommended to the traders of all levels of expertise, but especially to those of them who wish to become or remain the part-time Forex traders.

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4 Reviews

  1. sarah:

    Once I bought a book that was chocked full of mistakes; punctuation missing or inappropriately used and beautiful color charts that the writer explained handsomely as if the entire book wasn’t in black and white and their colorful descriptions of the graphs meant absolutely nothing with red was the same color as green or yellow.

    I was dismayed I spent money on this.

    This book feels more like a friendly discourse; gentle as it was to read, it didn’t seem to really teach and gave more of a broad view of the subject rather than concrete guidelines.

    I do concede that some of the ideas contained within are actual viable, especially pertaining to stop loss, market memory, and others…but they in no way make up for the rest of the book,

  2. dontblameme:

    Raghee Horner has a way of writing books that are full of fluff but provide no real sustenance, thus her latest book does not surprise me as it shows the same ‘vigor’ as always.

    What she calls a system is in actuality her bandying about her own jargon for pre-existing terms that are already in use. She is attempting to use commonly used theories and trying to pass them off as her own. Strangely enough, the book contains many strange off topic comments, such as her taste for a certain food; though sadly there is little cement content that could help a person with setting up entry and exit strategies.

    A credit to her repetition, she constantly states to “follow the trend”, and since that is at least true, a two star mark for her.

    Caution, you will not find any definitively explained methods, so you can’t try them.

  3. Metof:

    Not always deigning to grace us at the appropriate times, we have to watch the exchanges diligently to see Set-Ups rising on the trend; because frankly, we have to deal these Set-Ups when they come around; always make sure to watch for at least close to five hours daily.

    Reading this book was a definite joy though; I would recommend it because it contains a lot of knowledge and where to go for more information as well, from novice to expert!

  4. Disinterested Not Uninterested:

    The first two reviews whilst harsh are absolutely “on the money” here. The third review is disingenuous fluff, probably written by an insider. Two out of three ain’t bad, so the book seems hardly worth the effort. “Stay away!”