Forecasting Profits Using Price and Time by Ed Gately

Forecasting Profits Using Price and Time — a Forex book that shows the way to set goals and targets for the price movement in the future to help to reduce the risks that every trader takes each time he enters an active position on the market. Taking a corrective action before a price moves against the trader is one of the main principles of avoiding losses. Confirmation of the predicted price movement is one of the steps required before entering a position. A probable movement can be forecasted using a technical analysis. Although this book can? t be considered a detailed study for the technical analysis, it shows and explains how to combine and use the simple methods of technical analysis to reduce risks and trade profitably on any market — Forex, stocks, futures, commodities or options. Neural networks are also discussed in application to trading.

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  1. Lenny:

    There is nothing new that this book has to offer. Most of the information provided has already been mentioned in many old books on technical analysis. Had this been the first book I read, I would feel uncomfortable investing my money the way the book prescribes you to. I would certainly want to read a few more books before doing so. If what you want to learn about is technical analysis then some of the old books which are much acclaimed and favorites are what you should pick up. John Murphy’s “Technical Analysis of the Futures Market” and Martin Pring’s “Technical Analysis Explained” will be just what you need.