Essential Technical Analysis by Leigh Stevens

Essential Technical Analysis is one of the many fundamental works on the technical analysis for the financial markets. This book probably won’t be very interesting to the experienced traders that already employ their own technical strategies and know a lot about the technical analysis from their own experience or from the knowledge earned before. But this book will definitely help to put a complete trading rookie on the hard rails of the technical analysis. Without going deep into describing and explaining every possible chart pattern, Leigh Stevens offers deep explanations of the basic principles of the technical analysis. All known problems, advantages, disadvantages, myths and other related facts a detailedly researched in this book.

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3 Reviews

  1. TrendFriend:

    This is a very excellent written book. Introduction and summaries accompany each chapter, something you don’t see that often, very refreshing to be honest.

    Though this book isn’t for a beginner. The former part of the text is all about introducing you to the Technicals of Pattern Recognition, Chart Patterns, Trendlines, etc… and with that, explanations of each chart explaining everything. This book is stuffed with great information that you need to know, it seems to be all of the great knowledge from all Technical Analyses books merged into a single on!

  2. Lot:

    Sadly, this is another novice TA book, tooled for nothing but beginners.

    There are a few troubles for more seasoned individuals:

    – There were more than a couple of errors in this book. Some syntax, typos, the wrong use of words, and just poor chart examples.
    – I felt that the author himself wasn’t very good at what he was writing about. A lot of things that an experienced trader would have to deal with were just not brought up. Though false breaks were mentioned, what would be thought of as a successful pattern break wasn’t, nor any mention or strategy for potential false breaks.
    – The writing was too flowery; brevity is good for me.
    – It didn’t really teach me anything, to be honest.

    Though there are a few good things about it:

    – Pretty thorough with the rudimentary concepts, very useful for newcomers, though it’s not known whether a novice would buy it due to some of its bad reviews.
    – It is quite simple to read.
    – Has great commentary and merges other author’s insights and quotes to augment his own.

  3. Denis:

    This book is highly structured and finely written; the first part of the book is for the complete beginner, which is a good thing. The only thing that disappoints me is that there is no new material contained within; all of the knowledge contained within can be found through other TA books as well. Nonetheless, the thoughts flow nicely and it is very educational, and the author’s writing style is also endearing.