Entries and Exits: Visits to 16 Trading Rooms by Alexander Elder

Entries and Exits — an innovative approach to the trading writing by the author of popular books — Trading for a Living and Come Into My Trading Room. This time Alexander Elder invites his readers and fellow traders to join him in the trading rooms of sixteen expert financial traders to learn their strategies, secrets and tips. This books offers 16 different role models of the professional trader to follow. Why would they share their trading methods and strategies? Because they know that knowing a method and strategy is only a part of success. More important is that the author shows why these traders are successful, why their overall behavior should be modeled. Every human person is different, what works for one won’t work for the other, that’s why there are 16 trader models are offered — reader will be able to find those behavioral tactics and trading strategies that would fit his psychological character.

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5 Reviews

  1. Rob W.:

    In this business there are two ways of applying various strategies one way is to hear the strategy that is creating commotion and apply it and the second I to apply the strategy that has been tried a tested and can be read in every trade book. Applying these rules that are tried and tested is explained in this book. Some of the rules in this method need to be innovated when faced with situations. Three stars is what I think this book deserves.
    What came to my notice however was that all people seem to have the same goal of making money but use different ways based on what suits their personality and the trading system they want to flow. Each person deals with various different kinds of marketplaces or items. They even used a varied time spans and managed risk differently and finally everyone had a diverse condition.
    The similarities that I found were that these traders did whatever their heart was set on and even were really strong no matter how tough the times were.

  2. Aaron:

    When I was a beginner, the first book that I read on the subject f trading was with great excitement “Trading For a Living”. I was so inspired by the first book, that I went and bought myself the remaining two. It was then that it dawned on me that there was nothing special about the books that followed part 1 of this series. In fact there was nothing new that had been added to either part 2 or 3. AE’s technology is a big hit however. In a way I even felt that the reason he wrote these book was so that he could try and promote the software that he had built. I even bought this useless piece of software which was till date as ineffective as a stone.
    Here are the disadvantages.
    1. Totally repetitive and used by amateurs.
    2. The everyday concepts like EW are out of the picture.
    3. MACD is used s the basis quite often. The author forgets that that ca be used in conditional basis only. This book will in no way encourage money making.
    4. Hopeless information is given in the books says one say gurus||. No one can make money out of thi product.

  3. nova:

    After reading the initial couple of books by Elder, I did not buy the third book immediately. I waited for some time. Last week I was able to purchase it and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I love the way how the book is written and presented. The thoughts are clear and each strategy for trade is hashed over. Thanks to the brilliant way that he wrote the book, I simply adore spending hours on the book. There are various chapters and each one if filed with such a variety of systems. He has amazing foresight in all of his books. You must read this book if you are love reading trading books.

  4. L. Covel:

    Dr. Elder has this very special capability of writing new articles every time he releases a book. Not many writers do that, they only recycle their previous matter and sell it. This is what makes his book extremely effective. I cant think of one paragraph in the whole book that dint make sense! Ways to trade experts and beginners re advised to read this book without fail.

  5. Apprentice:

    It is natural for some of the books on trading to eventually just get monotonous and lifeless. You may be reading the same strategies in every book along with matter on management of risk and even evaluation of techniques. Well, this book was comparatively a very easy read. I come to realize that no one but a trader himself understands the importance of the aspects of entry and exits.
    This book will not e able to be your money making machine but the information in it is so valuable that it could be placed alongside subscription fees of $6000 to $2000 for a member. “Entries & Exits” is all about various kinds of traders. 16 to be precise. The reader gets into the mind of these 16 traders and learns how they deal with the three very important ‘M’s which are Money, Mind and Methods. The reader also gets to know every kind of trader ad hence knows what he may be up against. There is an old saying that you can’t defeat or conquer your competition till you know your competitor well. This book helps you do that.
    In case you have always longed to get into the trade business, you HAVE TO read this book.