Elliott Wave Principle by A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter

Elliott Wave Principle (Key To Market Behavior) is a book that covers the most misunderstood and yet the most powerful chart analysis technique — Elliott Wave theory. A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter did a great job by writing this book to introduce the concept of Elliott Waves and techniques that can use them in trading. The first half of the book is an explanation and description of what is Elliott Wave theory — how do they look like, of what parts are they composed, how different wave forms look like, what Elliott Wave patterns exist and why some are important and others aren’t. The second part of this book is dedicated to actual application of the described waves and their various forms in practice — and not only in trading! What’s so great about Elliott Waves is that they can be used in any market — stocks, Forex, futures, bonds — simply everything. It’s not a simple technique, there’s nothing easy in detecting and marking the waves correctly, but if used professionally, it can give you a significant advantage over other market participants.

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3 Reviews

  1. klotto:

    If you are just skipping everything to come to the good stuff then you will come to a technical explanation of the Elliott Wave Theory. Even if you are not too much interested in stocks and trading you should buy this one, as it will tell you about the various mathematical applications applied in the everyday life. Some time back while researching for some lecture material I came across a book which contained a funny outline. This book had a small dedicated paragraph to the theory and it highlighted a statement telling that the stock market will be a certain level in the early 90’s. You will be astonished to know that at that time, it happened the way it was written in the book.

  2. Way-Trader:

    This book is among the very first books which reintroduced the Elliott Wave Analysis in 80’s. Its author, in the year 1987 predicted the crash of the stock market. This book has got a remarkable historical importance. However, its facts and content still holds its ground. So it will not be wrong to say that the book is still the best even 20 years after its release.
    Elliott Wave had got many problems. The author of this book which predicted the market crashes which never materialized has been called perma bear. However, the importance of Elliot Waves still holds as it has got some predictive powers. If you are looking for a book on this subject, then you will find some really good and informative content in this book.

  3. Fin:

    This amazing book is highly useful for all the traders who want to learn technical analysis.