Elite Trader’s Secrets by Rich Swannell

Elite Trader’s Secrets — a trading Forex book written by Rich Swannell, the recognized expert in the Elliot Waves techniques. The whole book is dedicated to the statistical analysis, verification, refining and improvement of the Elliot Wave principles. This situation results in a very powerful to tool, which allows traders to better utilize these methods in their trading. Until recent times Elliot Waves were considered to subjective to be used by the average trader. Different Elliot experts had different opinions about the same analyzed chart. The situation was so that the accurate forecast couldn’t be made at all using only Elliot Waves. Rich Swannell created a specialized network of computers; he fed it with the charts database and the every possible Elliot Wave pattern. The result was the statistical explanations of the Elliot Waves. The conclusions from this result are presented in his Forex book.

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