Beat the Forex Dealer by Agustin Silvani

Beat the Forex Dealer (An insider’s look into trading today’s foreign exchange market) — is a book by Agustin Silvani, one of the pioneers of the foreign exchange traders and a successful Forex portfolio manager at MIGFX. This book about Forex trading states that trading the foreign exchange market isn’t easy, that even the most famous traders and investors sometimes lose at Forex. The Forex market is always against the trader, especially a new and unexperienced trader. This book was written to help all types of traders to learn to avoid the traps and caveats of the modern foreign exchange market — be it a Forex broker’s stop-hunting, or some obvious mistakes by the trader himself. The content of this book will teach you how to remove that gambling element from your trading and turn Forex into a profitable profession.

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6 Reviews

  1. Den:

    A vaguely penned manuscript, especially the latter part, which pertains to strategies is really nothing more than common knowledge thinly veiled with the author’s flair, more flim-flam than anything. Remember, you have to know what you’re doing to trade in the Forex market; and most times it is a good idea to use a broker to make things a bit easier.

  2. Patrick Clesse:

    Some books about the Forex market are intentionally vague, but this book I give a rating of four because it goes the extra mile to explain how the market actually works. It gives insight how individuals, maybe just starting out, can make it in the competitive market.

    It’s definitely worth a read if you use the Forex market, though it does have a few low points, and the data inside sometimes gives the feeling of it being a bit out of date. One of the examples has to do with slow and fast datafeeds, and it’s just nearly antiquated in this market…but it can still work, though.

    Though some of the information doesn’t go too deep, it does seem to touch on all of the relevant subjects. For a starter it’s a good read, but for someone who isn’t a novice, it wouldn’t be the book for you.

  3. Andy:

    In the Forex market, you always have to have an edge – “Beat The Forex Dealer” is a book that deals with exactly that! This book lifts the veils that dealers try to keep away from you; it’ll allow you to see through the illusion of complication they try to weave. This book even gives you pointers in how to succeed in other markets as well. As an investor, the dealers have a high hand against you, and the only way to even the playing field is to have the mindset of a dealer.

    Before you buy into anything pertaining to Forex pairs, Bonds and Stocks, and even Commodity Futures…you should read this book immediately, and then re-read it, because you’ll realize exactly what methods the dealers are using, giving you an edge to grow your capital.

  4. Bank Robber:

    If you want to know how Forex dealers work their ‘magic’, then you need to read Silvani’s book. People are mistaken by thinking that currencies is all fundamental analysis, but they never think about the dealers and their stops. Most importantly, you can learn how to handle these situations. It’s important to use this knowledge so that you aren’t a puppet on a dealer’s strings.

    If you want to be on the cutting edge, this is the knowledge you need in your portfolio as a trader, so you are less prone to make the mistakes that many Forex traders create. Silvani suggest strategies that put you on the winning side instead of the dealer getting the jump on you, putting you on the right end of a stop run. You can also learn how to get the best from your broker and not to be swindled, and of course it covers how you can lodge a grievance if you feel you’ve been dealt unfairly.

    Of course you’re not going to get the best service, since the brokers themselves write a lot of Forex manuscripts!

    One of the problems with this book is that it doesn’t delve deep enough into elucidating its strategies (and it should, especially for what I paid for it), which is way I can’t give it a top ranking.

    It may not cover every single concept, but it gives a broad examination of Forex trading, but if you’re looking into your first Forex venture, then you should definitely read this before financing it.

  5. Ed S.:

    Silvani’s manuscripts have made me realize exactly how underhanded many Forex dealers can actually be, and I’m thankful. If you’re into the Foreign Trading Market, this it’s also a good idea to read this book, as it has handy strategies to help you before opening positions. Morally ambiguous dealers easily fleece new traders in the spot currency market. Dealers are one of the large reasons why beginners in the Forex trading market don’t succeed, but with astute sense, you can use the knowledge in this book to shield you against the predator dealers.

    There’s no reason to be prey yourself, when you can be the predator, the one make the big deals. This book prepares the trader to prepare for long term, financial growth potential. Recently, I traded an NFP Statement and gained 50 pips for it, and the exchange acted exactly like the book stated it would! Even though not everything will work every time, but your odds of succeeding are much higher if you follow the methods in this book, and become the top dog making the trades, and not the little person.

  6. j-boy:

    Beat the Forex Dealer is quite simply the best forex book out there. If you are willing to trade without reading what these bloody dealers are doing to you day in and day out you are one of the suckers. recommended!