Attacking Currency Trends by Greg Michalowski

Attacking Currency Trends: How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves in the Forex Market is the first trading book by the expert trader Greg Michalowski. While there are tons of Forex books about short-term trading, swing trading and scalping, this guy aims something bigger — Greg talks about capturing profit from the long-term trades — big fish of the Forex market. To get to the point where it’s possible, the author offers quite a simple but yet powerful trading system. The first part of the book is dedicated to some general introductions and recommendations regarding how to trade Forex. The second part is about some exact technical methods proposed by Michalowski and his own instructions for trade execution. This book may be useful to traders that are still looking a strategy that would fit their personality.

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2 Reviews

  1. Jeff:

    This book is perfect for starters. If you have already read some good books on forex trading then you will not find anything new in this book. You will also encounter breakout trading if you catch hold of the initial trend based on various strategies in this book. This is truer under the present circumstances.
    All in all, this a good book for beginners. If you are looking for basic information on forex trading that consist of fundamental as well as related technicalities, then this book is a must read for you.

  2. Firefly:

    If you are looking for a book on this subject which is able to convey the ideas and though is such a simplified manner then you must read this book. You must have gone through dozens of such books and may have ended up being confused. Even though there are many other books which consist of impressive vocabularies and knowledge, still they are not able to convey their thoughts properly. However, the one written by Mr. Michalowski ensures that you understand everything step by step. He has well tried to limit the indicators, thereby giving the sell, buy or wait signals. The well written book explains the realistic approaches that one should adopt in the market and how the investors should infuse confidence in their trading decisions. Another important point which is reflected in this book is how one can trade without anxiety. In case you get confused while trading, then this book will surely help you a lot. All you require is this book on your bookshelf and you will know everything about trading. Mr Michaloski will surely teach you the various technicalities involved in trading.