A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics by John L. Person

A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics is a book dedicated to the less conventional trading indicators such as candlesticks, pivot points and pyramid approaches. It’s not limited with depicting only one strategy; instead it offers the set of loosely connected indicators, techniques and tips that can be used in any financial market — Forex, stocks, commodities etc. The information presented in this book will be found useful not only to the inexperienced or medium level traders, even professional traders will find something of interest and use there. John Person had more than two-decade experience in trading and brokerage when he wrote this book and he talked with many other successful traders during his career. He tried to include all the knowledge he collected into this work.

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3 Reviews

  1. Jerrry:

    An excellent synopsis of the contemporary trading tools is provided by John Person. I gained a lot from the books written by him. His seminars have also been informative. A major plus point that Person has is that he is a trader himself and provides information only after he has implemented it and seen the result. For investors wanting to increase their success and profit in trading, the book is a must have.

  2. Piker:

    After reading his book I can say that more than being just an excellent trader, John L. Person is an intelligent and coolheaded person. He knows very well what it takes to be a respected trader and build a holistic understanding and know what it takes to be a persistent performer in the field of trading.
    The book will definitely put you on the right track if you read it without any preconceived ideas and with an open mind. Undoubtedly among the best books I have read on trading, my only regret is that nobody recommended the book to me before I read some 15 odd books as no other book offered the learning experience that this did.
    I would advise everybody new in the field of trading who haven’t yet achieved enough what they want, to read this masterpiece. The quotes in the beginning of each chapter will be the most beneficial and inspirational to this group of people.

  3. Nemo:

    Anybody wanting a manual teaching you how to trade Stock Index or forecasting should get this book. This book teaches you just that in a very clear way which is very simple to interpret.
    The author, John Person, has written the book in a narrative style which makes the reader feel as if the maestro is teaching him directly. The author writes as if he wants to provide the help he received during his learning days to his readers.
    He is also a very well proclaimed speaker. Using Candlesticks, Pivot Points and Cycle Analysis, including some other indicators, John Person has conducted many lectures to illustrate his various trading techniques. Personally, I found the mental aspects involved while trading extremely important and useful.
    The way I trade, has been greatly affected after reading this book and it has changed my perspective. The main reason for this is the writer’s use of words and his excellent way of justifying whatever he states. Without a doubt, anybody looking for a book to learn the intricacies of trading, which is also full of excellent tips, should get this book.