A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online by Toni Turner

A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online (written by Toni Turner) isn’t exactly about Forex, it’s about all financial trading that can be considered as “day trading” and is available to the retail customers on-line. Toni does a great job describing what creates a successful day trader. Day trading isn’t for everyone but after reading this book one will know whether he can be a good day trader or not and what should be done to organize day trading a profession. Although, as I’ve already said, the book is not dedicated to Forex, the strategies, recommendations and set-ups explained there can be successfully used by the foreign exchange traders with only small fitting changes. Unfortunately, it fails to cover the most important problems of trading — the problems of human psychology.

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5 Reviews

  1. Alex:

    I was an old school trader having been in the market for more than twenty years and I realized that I need to increase my activity and I felt online trading was the way to be. While I read this book I could relate to every word and I saw how the author could understand my horrible experience of online trading. Had I read the book before I started I don’t think I would have not made those mistakes but I think I would have recognized them then and there and avoided them thereafter. The author rightly says that a point will come when you will have learnt some valuable lessons and the profits will start coming in. It will be very helpful for beginners.
    The discussion on Boot Camp is very good and I took around three to four weeks to learn about her systems, which generally people take just two weeks to do.
    Many technical strategies are available which the experienced and novice traders can apply.
    She uses light humor and makes her book easy to read. If I knew anybody who wanted to start trading I would gift them this book.

  2. Ernest:

    I read this book a year back and I can say that after reading many more books on trading and some of them much better, the introduction this book gives is very poor. Trading tools and terms are well explained but beginners have a long way to go before these actually mean anything to them. The importance of discipline and a trader’s psychology has not been mentioned. Turner makes the reader confident in an unnecessary way and this can make the traders lose a lot of money if the advice is blindly followed. The author writes about patterns in a very general way and the reader will feel as if they are fool proof.
    If you want to start quickly and lose money, pick up this book. If you are prepared to be patient and want advice from one of the few reputed gurus, read Dr. Elder’s ‘Come Into My Trading Room’ or ‘Trading in the Zone’ by Mark Douglas. These books will be much more beneficial. Advanced traders wanting to go a step further should get Alan Farley’s ‘The Master Swing trader’.

  3. Dave R.:

    I bought the Toni Turner book a week ago and I have completed the book now. The author has written a wonderful introduction regarding the day trading of stocks online. My experience of trading commodity futures spreads to more than twenty years and I have only recently taken the plunge into online stock trading.
    I have seen twenty years of success with the stocks after earning my MBA degree. Toni Turner provided me some useful tips which were very simple to understand and helped me increase my wealth. The little details which could make money or take money from you where well explained with the use of examples and charts
    Miss Turner has achieved what few other authors have managed to. She has made technical analysis appear very simple to even to a beginner who has just begun stock broking or trading. It is not a boring book and that is just the reason why you will get to the end of the book with ease.
    She has pointed out and performed a thorough comparison of time frames pertaining to risk and reward equations with respect to day trading and she goes a step ahead and explains their differences from longer term investment instruments.
    She has written the book in a very easy to understand way and I feel that this new author has done very well.

  4. McGibb:

    An excellent book is what most people are calling this book based for introductory trading. She starts by giving an overview of the various markets and after this she goes on and writes about trading philosophy, fundamental chart-reading as well as Level II tactics. Day traders, swing traders and also those who decide to trade in the long run through their IRA accounts will gain some invaluable tips to making money in the market. The strength of this book lies in the fact that anybody can interpret this book.
    I read another review and saw that authors who are also experienced traders write better books on trading and I second the statement. Toni Turner was among the initial students who joined Pristine.com and I remember trading with her for nearly a year. Along with having a lot of knowledge of the trading markets she has shown great consistency in the department of profit making. The book fives the readers a head start in the currently booming trading industry. It prepares the trader for everything in the market and lays a strong foundation on which they can build on by reading other advanced books.

  5. tapper:

    Toni Turner needs to slow down. The book initially appears to be a very promising book but slowly this changes and it is filled with the author just boasting about her trades. All her sentences end in an exclamation mark and this irritates the reader to a large extent. I would like to tell the author that all that she succeeds in is making the reader lose his patience. Boasting and self-promotion are continuously done in various parts of the book. My research shows that she is only slightly successful with trading and I feel she should have waited for some time before coming out with her own book. Her teachings may be effective in a seminar or a similar setup but in writing, is hard to interpret. Her book ends up being just one of the large varieties of books available in the market on day trading for beginners. I would like to confess that I bought the book only after reading all the positive reviews here but I felt cheated and I recommend anybody reading this review to go in for a more advanced book.