7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex by Grace Cheng

7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex (Real and Actionable Techniques for Profiting from the Currency Markets) is a major strategy book from a full-time Forex trader and an author Grace Cheng. Although this Forex book is more appropriate for the unexperienced Forex traders, those who already trade in the currency markets will also find this book useful. Some basic knowledge about the Forex trading charts and process is required to understand the strategies presented here. Seven technical and fundamental Forex strategies are presented in this book and they all are accompanied by the author’s details, recommendations and guidelines, so that each of them could be optimized according to the trader’s style and needs. The proposed Forex strategies are: Market Sentiment, Trend Riding, Breakout Fading, Breakout Trading, Decreased Volatility Breakout, Carry Trade and News Straddling. The book also features an introduction into Forex market, a Forex glossary, currency codes and the list of global major regulatory institutions of the Forex market.

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Forex trading is almost never profitable without a Forex strategy. You can read the detailed descriptions with the examples of several Forex strategies, including indicator strategies, price action strategies and fundamental strategies.

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  1. R.T.:

    For someone completely new to TA or Forex trading, then this book is the perfect match for you – it is simple in its approach and explanation, putting things out in layman’s terms. It is written with great grammar and the reading flows excellently.

    Even though the manuscript dissatisfies by not conveying the message they espouse on the front of the manuscript – how to use authentic strategies to profit from. One of the later methods, though, is a verifiable moneymaker and can be counted upon, even though it is a widely identified strategy.

    In a certain point in the book, sentiment strategy is discussed…and to be honest, I was very dismayed by this, because this so called strategy just didn’t hold together – the limited content covering such things as action divergence and other methods.

    You’ll need to use Common Sense and Reliable Sentiment to your advantage, and maybe trend lines as well. The gambit is to place a market order or limit when value is nearing what you need, it’s time to halt at 20 pips and depart with a time frame based Reliable Sentiment; plus the Common Sense can be used for the others.

    Sometimes, to know if a trade is viable, you have recourse to use your Sentiment Bias and Commons Sense, though this is common knowledge, though the difficult piece may be finding dependability in a Reliable Sentiment and Common Sense.

    Using trend riding for entry and exit (trend riding being comparable to fade breakout), the decrease volatility strategy (which is a triangular strategy) employs it’s methods.

  2. Bob D.:

    The book “7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex” is both invigorating and stimulating, the author, Grace Cheng, doesn’t mince words and hits the hammer directly on the head. It is very energizing to find books like these, as they are few and far between. Grace does an outstanding job of explaining Forex to the normal person, a beginning trader, and the singular methods that can be used for currency pairs. This manuscript definitely brings the expertise that it promises to, and that excites me. Grace’s book is pragmatic and well reading, and she points out different methods for differing exchange circumstances, and is liberal with her accumulated knowledge. If you’re looking for an astute Forex book, then look no further; Grace’s book is entirely worth it.

    If I were to rate this book on a 10 point scale and what rating it took me from and raised me to, I’d have to say I’ve risen to at least an 8 from the three I was formerly at, it’s that good. Having read many manuscripts on money exchange, this book was delightful and simple to comprehend, and the author’s blurbs about her studies and understanding of the market were a constant welcome insight. Though she may be young, she is still deserving of respect because of her working knowledge of finance and trading, whether or not this talent comes from her college education or on her own.

    I now visit Grace’s website on a frequent basis after I saw her on a news program – her opinions on the site are unlike many other broker’s out there.

    If you are serious about wanting to trade in Forex, then Grace’s book is exactly what you need, I definitely keep it with me in my personal library.

  3. Vess:

    Seven Trade Approaches for Forex Success

    Of course the plans are chronicled.

    Nevertheless, you can’t always comprehend how to deal them off

    If you’re looking for a precise strategy for returns in Forex, this isn’t the volume you’re seeking.

    You may not learn how to generate revenue with an exact stratagem, but the book contains overall great information that you can use.