17 Money Making Candle Formations

17 Money Making Candle Formations — a Forex book that describes 17 most recognized Japanese candlesticks patterns in Forex charts. Japanese candlesticks are one of the oldest and fundamental ways of representing the trading data on all sort of charting software. Japanese candlesticks are made two parts — body and shadow. Body is the difference between the open and close prices. The rising candle’s body and the falling candle’s body are of the different colors. The candlestick can have two shadows — one is the difference between open and high values for the period (open and low for the rising candle) and the other one is the difference between close and low values for the period (close and high for the rising candle). Various combinations of candles’ body and shadow sizes can be considered as the strong indicators of the current market situation and are widely used by professional Forex traders. This Forex book will show you some of the most interesting candlestick formations and will teach you how to use them on Forex market.

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